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HerRoom offers a fantastic selection of women's shapewear – including countless silhouettes and plus-sized styles – to address all your issues and make even the trickiest of outfits look great on you. In our wide range of shapewear options, we offer seamless body shapers and control briefs, thigh slimmers, waist cinchers, and more to give you the silhouette you want.

Women's shapewear can instantly curve, slim, flatten and enhance many body areas (including the breasts, stomach, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks and legs). Shapewear garments (or body shaper garments) do this by offering a variety of coverage levels, target areas and control levels.

Shapewear foundation undergarments are replacing everyday bras and panties for many women. Rather than wearing a pair of panties, women will put on shapewear and wear it on its own throughout the day. Rather than wearing a bra, women are wearing shapewear with a built-in bra for support. With the high performance fabrics used in today's body shaping styles, women's shapewear is now giving adequate support and shape for women.

Shapewear Styles
Body shaper
This is another name used to describe girdles and foundation garments. Body shapers shape your body using materials that contour your figure into a more pleasing appearance without seams and without cutting off your breathing and circulation. Some things body shapers can do for you, especially those of us with plus-size shapewear curves, include:

  • Provide immediate and visible results
  • Slenderize
  • Provide lower back support
  • Disappear under clothing
  • Target problem areas
  • Create a slimmer, sexier, firmer and more youthful look and feel
  • Give lift and a smooth shape to the derriere
  • Reduce the appearance of back fat

Control panties
Available in light, moderate and firm control levels, high-waisted control panties help prevent tummy bulges and smooth your silhouette.

Shaping camisole
Designed to give you a ripple-free, bulge-banishing look under clothes, some shapewear camisoles are available with cup-less top fronts so your bra can supply the support, and others have fully structured underwire or wireless cups sized like a bra for a more custom fit. All smooth through the torso to target your waist, tummy, sides and back.

Shaping hosiery/leggings
Made to give you a smooth line from the waist down while concealing imperfections, shaping hosiery and leggings target the tummy, waist and hips.

Thigh shaper
There's a great range of shapewear with thigh slimming control at HerRoom, including body shapers with bra-sized cups and torsettes with open fronts so you can wear your own choice of bra. High-rise waist styles smooth you all the way up to just under your bra and extend to mid-thigh and lower. Many thigh shapers come to the natural waist and slenderize the thighs, many with laser-cut edges for a smooth transition to skin, avoiding ripples and the dreaded "sausage" look. Silicone grippers at the hems of selected shapewear keep the legs from rolling up. Some girdle-style shapers have attached inner garters to attach to thigh high hosiery.

About Different Shapewear Control Levels
Because all women have different needs, shapewear comes in different control levels. Don't consider shapewear's job to be to sculpt your body so much as it is to make your clothes fit better and smooth you out. For example, light control shapewear can be great for all-day, everyday use. In contrast, firm or extra firm shapewear is better for special occasions like weddings, formal dinners, or dates when you'll be wearing it for less time.

Light control shapewear streamlines your figure and provides gentle support, making you look slimmer and making your clothing fit better. Virtually every style of shapewear is offered with light control. Styles include bodysuits, camisoles, leg and thigh shapers, light control panties and more. Certain styles often have darts for shaping and lined cups for modesty. Four-way stretch slims and smooths under sheer or body-hugging clothes.

For trousers that don't hang just right, a light control leg shaper will do the trick. Lengths vary from mid-thigh to capri-length. They offer gentle control for the thighs, calves and hips. Shapewear panties with light control can trim tummy bulge and love handles. Fabrics with all-over stretch, like spandex, shape just enough to make a good outfit look great. High waisted shapewear panties smooth the torso and back.

Sometimes, all you need is a little smoothing here and a little slimming there. Light control shapewear garments give you all that with all-day comfort.

Medium control shapewear goes a long way toward taming bulges, muffin tops and anywhere else you have a tricky problem area. Using hidden control panels at the tummy, all-over compression, with targeted extra compression and other figure-smoothing features, moderate control shapewear is probably the most versatile. New knitting technologies not only create garments that are almost completely seamless, but also target specific areas for more or less control.

Modern shapewear is constructed to be virtually invisible under clothing, with laser cut leg openings or gripper strips along the leg openings, flat elastic waistbands or waistbands with a non-rolling finish. There are styles for every wardrobe, including body suits, thigh shapers, high-waist contour briefs, waist cinchers, camisoles and more.

Want a smooth, trim silhouette? Check and check. Medium control shapewear lets you flaunt your curves with confidence and without sacrificing comfort. Pieces like open-bust camis, half-slips and leggings have literally got you covered.

Shapewear with firm control smooths your silhouette wherever it needs to be non-jiggly. Sometimes this is achieved with high spandex content knit, sometimes it's engineered into a knit, and other times will be achieved with shaping linings or elastic bands in strategically-placed areas. Girdles with high waists have tall sewn-on inner elastic to help flatten the tummy, many with removable garters to attach thigh high hosiery.

Firm control waist cinchers have multiple hook-and-eye closures, nipping in the waist beautifully. Shapers with thong backs give you that super-duper control without visible panty lines at the rear. Shaping panties in handy multipacks give you extra pairs to wear without having to do laundry daily. Underwire cups are popular in firm control body shapers and bodysuits, as well as open torsette styles so you can wear your own bras interchangeably. Target areas vary by style so you can find your best shapewear look and fit.

Essentials for a Complete Shapewear Wardrobe
Expert Video: How to layer your undergarments

How to Find the Best Body Shaper for You
Once upon a time shapewear was reserved for special events, but now women are wearing them every day to show off their figures to their best advantage. If you are considering adding shapewear to your wardrobe, then let me help you know How to Find the Best Body Shaper for You.

Before we dive into the varieties of shapewear, let’s first chat a little about what it is.


The main goal of body shapers and shapewear is to create a smooth base to help your clothing look its best. A happy side-effect is that this helps boost your confidence. Shapers compress and smooth both your body and any undergarments you may be wearing like bras, panties, hosiery lines, etc… A good body shaper is one of the fastest ways to help you instantly feel sexier.

All of us have parts of our bodies which we would like to change and shapewear provides immediate solutions to these problem areas. Want to slim your tummy and waist, or perhaps give your thighs and hips a bit of a nip? There are body shapers to do all of this and more.

Best of all you can mold your silhouette and avoid adding bulk thanks to many designs which not only slim but also have built-in bra and panties. Never fear though, if you prefer to wear your favorite bra, for example, many foundation garments allow for that too.

Most shapewear is made of flexible fabrics like spandex and nylon. These are popular because can hold you in place by varying degrees of strength. Need extra levels of support and shaping? Look for styles that include boning and other stiff inserts to truly sculpt your body.

There are numerous configurations of target areas plus support levels to choose from. We make it easy for you to find just the right ones on But, first, let me guide you through the most popular body shaper styles.


Shapewear comes in several levels of control, from light through extra-firm. Let’s explore these:


The mildest level of shaping is the Light Control amount of shapewear. If you are looking for just a touch of smoothing this is the one for you. It provides just a bit of support and will help smooth any subtle lines your bras and panties might create.

This is a popular level, especially for everyday, all-day wear, because, as the name suggests, it gives a slight degree of support so it doesn’t squeeze you very much. Popular selections for this includes camisoles, bodysuits, thigh shapers, waist shapers, and even panties.

A subtle level of slimming like this can transform body-hugging blouses and dresses that look good on their own into a knockout outfit.

When all you need is a little bit of slimming and smoothing here and there, especially for outfits you are in for extended periods of time, check out light control shapewear options.



The next level of shapewear is Moderate Control. If you are wrestling with muffin tops or similar bulges, or you just need a bit of extra hold, this is the level for you.

Most moderate control body shapers use a combination of spandex and control panels to reshape your figure. Compression, whether it is all-over or targeted, is a feature that most moderate control pieces use to really help you maximize the benefits of this level of support, making it easy to target any trouble spots.

To create the most invisible look under outfits, look for pieces that have few or no seams plus extra details including laser-cut openings, or that use terms like flat and non-rolling in their descriptions.

Most moderate shapewear can be worn all day, although try different styles to see what feels most comfortable to you.



If you have a special event coming up and want to make sure that your silhouette is at its most sleek, consider Firm Control shapewear. This ‘next-level’ shapewear is, as the name suggests, firm, providing a high level of support, which can also make it a bit too intense to wear all day. Therefore, you may want to reserve this for special occasions.

You will find a wide variety of styles ranging from complete bodysuits to targeted pieces including waist cinchers, shaping panties, torsettes and more.



The final category is the ultimate, most intense level: Extra Firm Control. It offers the highest degree of compression and sculpting. Like its firm cousin, this is considered a bit intense by many people for extended periods of time, so reserve this for special occasions only.



As the popularity of shapewear has grown, so have the choices. To help you not feel overwhelmed I’m going to share the top picks for the most popular types of shapewear and explain how and why they work.


Looking to smooth your tummy, bust, back, and waist? Consider a shapewear camisole.

This tank style top is available in every degree of control from light to firm and is an ideal way to smooth bulges especially at the waist.

Some styles have built-in bras and others can be worn over a bra. If you prefer to wear your own bra and don’t want to add bulk, look for torsette style bras. These cupless style tops give you the slimming benefits at your waist while allowing you the luxury of wearing your favorite bra.

In the past, shaping camisoles were rather plain, but now you can find styles with charming details and patterns which are stylish enough to wear on their own.

There is also a variety of neckline options to help further tailor the camisole to your specific outfit needs. Look for deep plunging styles, scoop neck, v-neck and more to help you look and feel great every day.



Perhaps you want a solution for your tummy, waist, back, and hips? If so, consider a body shaper.

With its signature leotard shape (like a one-piece swimsuit) this piece targets your body’s core. Most have built-in bras so they provide both modesty and control from your chest to your bottom.

Body shapers are available in a range of support levels giving you options for every day as well as special occasions.

These are popular options under tight-fitting blouses, dresses, and any other clingy or body-hugging styles.

If you need to add some control to your hips and thighs, look for a bodysuit that includes leg support to avoid having too many layers on and inadvertently adding bulk to your outfit.



If you want to solely focus on your hips and thighs, look to thigh slimmers for assistance.

With options ranging from shorts to entire leg coverage, you can find just the right design for every occasion. Plus, there are control levels for every style as well.

Be mindful about where the waist falls on the leg shapers you choose. High-waisted options help to avoid any awkward cuts or bulges at the waist.

If your waist is not a concern, look for laser-cut edges to keep the transition from shaper to your skin smooth and ripple-free.

One other area to pay careful attention to with leg shapers are the hems. Look for styles that have silicone grippers or other enhancements to avoid any rolling which could occur over time.

Similar to the camisoles we discussed above, there are many legging style leg shapers which come in fabrics and patterns which are appropriate to wear on their own. Giving you even more confidence and flexibility with your shaping wardrobe.



If you only need a bit of tummy shaping and want to wear your own bra and panties try a waist cincher, or waist nipper as they are sometimes called.

Many waist cinchers offer firm support and have built-in boning in the lining, which runs vertically, to create the ultimate hourglass shape.

Most have hook and eye closures though some are available in a pull-on style.

If you plan to wear stockings consider a cincher with a garter option to keep your undergarments to a minimum.



If your tummy and your rear are the areas you most desire to sculpt, consider the simplest body shaper of all: shaping panties.

This hard-working shaper is available in every degree of control from light to firm and comes in a staggering array of designs including thongs, briefs, boy shorts, and more.

There are also styles which come with rear-padding options to help sculpt and shape your figure even more.

Many styles include charming lace details helping the panties feel less utilitarian and infinitely more feminine.

Shop Shaping Panties On

Shapewear can have a profound effect on how you fit and feel in your clothes which can dramatically impact your level of confidence.


In this video, I share tips about how to wear and layer shapewear and also discuss many of the styles we reviewed in this post. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

I hope this primer on How to Find the Best Body Shaper for You has revealed the many possibilities within shapewear, helped you better understand these transformational garments, and that you are ready to expand your wardrobe and your self-confidence!

Find a better fit,


Part 1: Big Tips for The Big Day – Wedding Season Styles and Shapewear Solutions
From bodysuits to leg slimmers, from mother of the bride or groom to wedding guest, choosing the right undergarments to wear is just as important as choosing your dress, shoes and jewelry. Many of us don't think much about shapewear until a special occasion like a wedding pops up on our calendars. So when the time comes, we don't always know how to approach the challenge of picking the proper underthings to give us the support, shape and comfort we need. What we all have in common is this: We want to get the best silhouette while keeping our underwear hidden safely and securely under our attire.

So, how can you pull off that lacy, formfitting dress? What do you wear under a dress with a tricky top? What shapewear helps address certain problem areas, such as your midsection? How do you choose shapewear that's comfortable enough to move around in all day or night while keeping your assets in place? If these questions are making your heart rate go up a little bit, don't worry! You're not alone – and I'm here to help.

I've selected some of my favorite dress trends for the occasions you can expect to face this wedding season and matched them with the right shapewear, all available at HerRoom, to pull your whole look together.

Engagement Party

If you're looking for a fun and elegant dress, try a lace, knee-length dress with bell-shaped sleeves.

How can you pull this look off?

This dress fit and style presents a few underwear and shapewear challenges. First, if the dress has a sheer lace neckline with a lower back, a bra with straps probably isn't an option – but if the material is light, it means you'll want as much support up there as you can get. Secondly, if the dress hugs your curves closely, you'll want something slimming to tuck you in and shape you in all the right places without being too binding.


Bridal Shower

A belted, tea-length dress with a belt can give you a great silhouette, no matter your size. Plus, you can have fun choosing light, fun colors and adorable details.

How can you pull this look off?

Because this style has a belt that fastens right at the waist to give you a thin silhouette, shapewear that helps you pull in your waist and hips will give you an even slimmer middle. If you're fuller-breasted, you'll want a bra to keep your breasts contained, slim your sides and reduce your bustline to avoid gaps between the buttons on the top.

Minimizer bras are perfect for full-busted and full-figured women who need more control. This minimizer bra will minimize your bust while also providing shape and support. Pair it with the matching cotton brief panty for a soft, satiny finish. Add all-around shaping with a waist cincher featuring inner contour bands for shaping your waist, hips, back and derriere, as well as flexible spiral boning for back support. Finally, go for a touch of satin with Wolford satin thigh-highs. Thigh highs are sexy, and they reduce the amount of layering around your body. Not to mention, they're less likely to run because you won't have to pull them down for bathroom breaks. These are great to wear under your favorite skirts and dresses.


Rehearsal Dinner

Every woman should have at least one elegant black cocktail dress. Show off your personal style with special touches like sheer sleeves, a boatneck, a low back or a slim-waisted fit.

How can you pull this look off?

You'll want something to shape your breasts and keep them lifted and in place all day or night, with a low enough back to remain unseen under your dress. With the formfitting, feminine shape of the dress, especially around your torso and waist, extra shaping and support would be beneficial.


Whatever special occasions you have on your calendar this season, the supportive and flattering lingerie at HerRoom can help you conquer any wardrobe challenge you face.

Find a better fit,


Part 2: Big Tips for The Big Day – Wedding Season Styles and Shapewear Solutions
Tomima's Tip: "For a flawless and polished look – regardless of your figure type – well-selected shapewear pieces with the right control level can make a world of a difference."

In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, I chose three dresses that are trending as the current styles for this year's wedding season and showed you the best shapewear to be worn underneath. Since I covered fashion for engagement parties, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners last time, this week I'll cover styles for the big day.

Below, I've selected popular in-season dress styles suitable for mother of the bride or groom, bridesmaid and wedding guest and explained what shapewear (all available on HerRoom) will help you pull off each tricky look!

Mother of the Bride or Groom

As mother of the bride (or groom), it's safe to assume that when all eyes aren't on the real stars of the wedding, they'll likely be on you. Soft colors are the mother of the bride's best friend. They help you stand out without appearing so harsh. Eyes tend to focus on you and not just the dress when you go with soft and subtle colors, as well. A long evening gown with delicate and elegant detail is a great option for the woman of the most distinguished honor in the bridal party.

How can you pull this look off?

Your number one goal in a smooth, long gown will be to eliminate lines and bulges while also getting the shape and support you need. You'll want a reliable strapless bra to keep you lifted and comfortable throughout the day's events and smoothing shapewear for some extra support around your middle.

The Wacoal Red Carpet strapless bra is currently the #1 strapless bra in the country, as well as on HerRoom. The full coverage, contour cups (cups lined with a thin layer of molded foam so they don't lose their shape) give you a rounded, natural silhouette while also ensuring modesty. The dual gripper tape along the edges helps keep the bra in place and reduce back bulge.

It is important to note that although the gripper tape is made of silicone because it's not known to be an allergen, some women with very sensitive skin might still experience redness after wearing it for several hours at a time. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend that you wear the bra around the house for a few hours before the day of the wedding to ensure it doesn't irritate your skin.

Pair your strapless bra with a hi-waist thigh slimmer for extra control and a smoother silhouette around your waist, derriere, midriff and thighs – while also reducing midriff bulge. The longer leg will help reduce any lines around the thighs and panty lines.



Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look stunning as they walk down the aisle, stand at her side for the ceremony, and pose joyfully in wedding pictures. A simple royal blue taffeta off-the-shoulder floor-length gown is an unforgettably elegant look that will flatter all shapes and sizes in the bridal party.

How can you pull this look off?

You'll want a supportive strapless bra top for an off-the-shoulder dress. With a slim-fitting waist, you should look for something with some support around your curves. The long skirt poses a challenge to keep a smooth look all the way down without creating visible shapewear or panty lines.

This low-back bodysuit addresses all the challenges this dress style presents with one simple solution. By choosing a single contained piece, you'll have fewer garments to deal with – which means a much lower risk of bulge appearing. Additionally, the more surface you cover with shapewear, the more comfortable you'll feel and the smoother you'll look. The Va Bien Strapless Lowback Bodysuit comes with attachable straps, but provides plenty of support to be worn strapless. Underwire and boning make it a great option for all-over shaping, and the lace at the leg makes the edges thin enough not to create a line under the dress. It hook-and-eye crotch closure is also a perk because it makes bathroom breaks easier.

Black lace thigh highs add shaping and smoothing to your legs, stay put without needing adjustment, allow for airflow around the crotch area, and don't need to be pulled down when you use the bathroom – which reduces the risk of getting runs in your tights. Plus, they give you a sexy look.


Wedding Guest

A polished and figure-forgiving cocktail dress featuring details such as a jewel neckline, cap sleeves, lace and a jacquard skirt will keep you comfortable and looking great through a lengthy event. A fitted bodice and full skirt create a feminine silhouette that's sure to flatter your shape and minimize figure issues and lines all while still allowing you to move around comfortably all night long, without requiring so much coverage.

How can you pull this look off?

You'll want something to shape your breasts and keep them lifted and in place all day or night without the straps showing through any sheer material, such as lace. With a free-flowing knee-length skirt, a little bit of coverage and some thigh highs can go a long way.

The Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless is a great strapless and convertible bra that provides full coverage and support. The wide back has four hooks, which helps eliminate back bulge. Pair it with the Va Bien satin brief panty for a soft, lightweight, comfortable feel and firm control around your waist and tummy. The right thigh highs will give you a sexy look while allowing you to avoid adding an extra layer around your thighs and waist. They'll stay in place all day or night while also staying out of the way when you need to use the bathroom. This will reduce the risk of snags or runs from pulling them up and down.


Whatever occasion you have on your calendar or style you have in your wardrobe this season, you can get the shape and fit you want with the help of lingerie and shapewear from HerRoom.

Want more helpful lingerie tips and tricks? Visit our Lingerie Expert Center to watch expert videos, learn about bra fitting and bra styles, and more.

Find a better fit,