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Undie Awards Winner 2014 - Favorite Sleepwear Brand

Shadowline is well known for the grace, beauty and comfort of their selections. Using their trademarked fabrics, Opacitrique and Satintrique in many of their fashions, Shadowline sets the bar high when it comes to utmost comfort. Shadowline offers pajama sets, gowns, house coats, panties and slips for your every need. Shadowline prides themselves in their traditional brief panties with full coverage. They also offer long gowns at 53 inches long and short gowns at 40 inches long for a unique length many women love. You can find many different colors in the selections for a soft look as well as feel. Several gowns are complemented by matching robes, including the Silhouette style and the Petals style, among others. You will find high quality fabrics as well as Opacitrique and Satintrique throughout the selections. The Shadowline Petals Short Sleeve Gown 36280 is actually the number one travel set in the industry. One of their most popular slips is the Snip-It Slip that features parallel rows of lace at the hem, and if you need to shorten it, just snip below one of the rows of lace to personalize the fit for you. Shop HerRoom for the latest styles of Shadowline lingerie.

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Shadowline Beloved
Beloved by Shadowline
4 styles

Shadowline Charming
Charming by Shadowline
3 styles

Shadowline Cotton Batiste
Cotton Batiste by Shadowline
4 styles

Shadowline Cotton Classics
Cotton Classics by Shadowline
3 styles

Shadowline Daywear
Daywear by Shadowline
19 styles

Shadowline Nylon Classics
Nylon Classics by Shadowline
14 styles

Shadowline Nylon Essentials
Nylon Essentials by Shadowline
3 styles

Shadowline Petals
Petals by Shadowline
9 styles

Shadowline Princess
Princess by Shadowline
3 styles

Shadowline Rhapsody
Rhapsody by Shadowline
1 styles

Shadowline Silhouette
Silhouette by Shadowline
6 styles

Shadowline Snip-It
Snip-It by Shadowline
5 styles

Shadowline Spandex
Spandex by Shadowline
9 styles

Shadowline Twilight
Twilight by Shadowline
3 styles