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Seamed Cup Bra

The seamed cup bra is one of the most supportive bra styles on the market. This bra style is also sometimes referred to as a cut & sew bra, multi-part cup bra, 2-part cup bra, 3-part cup bra, or 4-part cup bra. Seamed cup bras are, by definition, bras with cups that are made of two or more pieces of fabric that are then sewn together, which creates a seam. As opposed to the single part cups you’ll find in several modern and traditional bra styles like T-shirt or contour cup bras, this cup style can create a different silhouette and shape.

Before the creation of seamless molded cups, seamed cups were the only bra cup design available. The seaming on the cups allows bra designers to create bras with different cup shapes to accommodate different breast types, shapes and sizes. Vertical and diagonal cup seams provide extra support to the breasts while also helping to create a more flattered and rounded shape to the wearer.

Types of seams

Seamed cup bras come in several different seam variations, and they all have their advantages. Here are a few of the most popular seamed cup bra types:

Horizontal seams: With straight across seams, this design creates a projected and slightly conical shape in the cups.

Vertical center seams: This bra seam is most commonly found in demi or balconette bra cup styles. The vertical center seam is popular because it’s supportive and gives the breasts extra lift.

Transversal seams: With an arched or a curved cup shape, this seam style rounds the breast tissue and provides great support.

Diagonal seams: Diagonal seams provide support while also centering and lifting the bust. Normally starting in the center bottom and then rising diagonally to the upper sides of the cups, this cup seam direction creates a lifted and attractive shape.

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