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Royce Lingerie offers women a wireless solution to uncomfortable bras. Many women feel they cannot get support without an underwire, but Royce proves them wrong. Royce offers bras for women who may be pregnant, breastfeeding, just had breast reconstruction, searching for their first bra, plus-size or would just prefer no underwires. Offering cup sizes from 30 to 46 (varying by style), Royce bras give women a special type of support while still being stylish and beautiful. But it's not just about full-figured and nursing bras, many young ladies looking for their first bra choose the Royce My First Bra 2-pack and the Royce My First Sports Bra. Royce lingerie prides themselves on offering many different sizes and styles for all sorts of women. Without underwires women are able to have the freedom they need without the annoyance of wires. Royce wants women to be able to sleep in their bra, wear it throughout daily and sports activities and wear it out at night.

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Royce My First Bra
My First Bra by Royce
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