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Minimizer Bras

Are you a DD cup or larger? Do you sometimes have pulling and gapping between your buttons in button-up shirts? Or do you have a hard time fitting your breasts in close-fitting blouses and tops without losing your rounded shape and being forced into a flattened silhouette instead? You’re not alone – and there is a solution!

Minimizer bras are designed to reduce outward breast projection for larger breasted women. This helps women look smaller in the bust, without sacrificing an attractive, feminine and rounded shape. This makes the breasts more manageable and allows you to wear button front blouses without getting that unappealing pulling look. Minimizer bras are a must-have for when you want to make more restrictive and tighter looks work.

Keep in mind, a minimizer bra does not actually reduce the size of your breasts. Instead, it reduces your breasts’ projection by resituating the breast tissue from a pointed shape to more of a closely-held mound. What makes this possible? It’s all about the cup shape. The cups of the minimizer bra are designed with a wider diameter than a traditional bra, as well as a shorter projection. This way, your breast tissue can be comfortably redistributed in the cups without causing restriction, discomfort or a flattened appearance. The tissue is moved more under your arms, toward your center cleavage, up your chest and down toward your waist, instead of outward.

Tips for buying a minimizer bra

In choosing a minimizer, choose one in your normal bra size. Don’t try to buy a smaller size in the hopes of minimizing your breast projection even more. This will only get you an ill-fitting bra. Also, keep in mind that minimizer bras are mainly for women with cup sizes DD and above, but only run up to a G cup. Any size larger than that, and a minimizer won’t be able to do the trick.

HerRoom’s extensive collection of minimizer bras are fully stocked in a variety of styles. Shop our selection today!

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