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When you want a dose of glamorous yet understated fashion, look no further than the Michael Stars brand. What began with a vision to upgrade the basic t-shirt into something a little more special, and has become a fashion empire over the last two decades. Michael Cohen and his wife, Suzanne set out to revolutionize the way women think and feel about wearing comfortable clothes. The idea started with helping women let go of the notion that t-shirts have to be bland, shapeless and boring. Now, twenty years later, the family-owned, Michael Stars company has created an empire on the idea of bringing women t-shirts that are flattering, ultra comfortable and super fashionable.

The ever-popular Michael Stars brand continues to be in the fashion spotlight. Featured in several high fashion magazines, Michael Stars designs are known for their fabulous and fashionable t-shirts, tops and more. Celebrities flock to effortlessly chic styles and can't seem to get enough of the Michael Stars brand. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Courtney Cox are among the many A-list devotees who have made Michael Stars one of their go-to t-shirt designers.

Michael Stars
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Michael Stars 2x1
2x1 by Michael Stars
1 styles

Michael Stars Brooklyn Jersey
Brooklyn Jersey by Michael Stars
1 styles

Michael Stars Jersey Lycra
Jersey Lycra by Michael Stars
1 styles

Michael Stars Luxe Jersey
Luxe Jersey by Michael Stars
2 styles

Michael Stars Madison
Madison by Michael Stars
1 styles

Michael Stars Power Jersey
Power Jersey by Michael Stars
1 styles

Michael Stars Supima
Supima by Michael Stars
1 styles