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The Honeydew Intimates Collection provides bright, frisky lingerie for the woman who loves that burst of color combined with the cozy comfort of panties and bras. Since 2002 the European inspired apparel company has been taking the fashion world by storm. Instead of the classic black, nude and white, Honeydew lures in the modern-day woman with its bright colors and lacy panties. The Honeydew headquarters in Los Angeles, California, is family-owned with a promise to provide the very best and bright lingerie for its fans. Though it remains a family business, the Honeydew collection is now sold worldwide, featured in many magazines and raved about by many celebrities. Honeydew wants to give women a sunny outlook on life, because all women know feeling powerful comes from deep within. Honeydew lingerie will help women feel that power while dressing up the world in their shining, seductive lingerie.


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honeydew Ahna
Ahna by honeydew
1 styles

honeydew All American
All American by honeydew
2 styles

honeydew Keagan
Keagan by honeydew
1 styles

honeydew Riley
Riley by honeydew
1 styles

honeydew Skinz
Skinz by honeydew
2 styles

honeydew Star Seeker
Star Seeker by honeydew
1 styles

honeydew Stay Inside
Stay Inside by honeydew
1 styles

honeydew Sun Lover
Sun Lover by honeydew
1 styles

honeydew Travel Light
Travel Light by honeydew
4 styles