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Goddess Collections at HerRoom

Goddess lingerie is the answer to full-figured women wanting to find the perfect bra or panty to fit her every need. The collection offers many choices, including: longlines, strapless bras, nursing and maternity bras, sports bras and classic bras. These Goddess bras are offered in B-O cups and up to a 56 band. 

For over 50 years Goddess has followed the belief that this beauty will never vanish. Corsets may not be the lingerie of choice for women today, but the classic beauty they provided to the everyday woman will remain timeless. Goddess is the only American brand under the Eveden Group, a company that designs high fashion lingerie. Each bra and panty in the collection is designed by the collaboration to produce a flawless, high-luxury, comfortable fitted bra and panty for the full-figured woman. Goddess hopes this perfect piece of lingerie will have the woman's significant other turning away from their duties and hobbies and putting all focus on her. Goddess Undies Awards include 2010's favorite full-figured bra and 2011's favorite full-figured strapless bra.

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Goddess Adelaide
Adelaide by Goddess
5 styles

Goddess Alice
Alice by Goddess
2 styles

Goddess Audrey
Audrey by Goddess
1 styles

Goddess Bridal
Bridal by Goddess
1 styles

Goddess Bridget
Bridget by Goddess
1 styles

Goddess Clara
Clara by Goddess
2 styles

Goddess Hannah
Hannah by Goddess
1 styles

Goddess Heather
Heather by Goddess
1 styles

Goddess Kayla
Kayla by Goddess
4 styles

Goddess Keira
Keira by Goddess
3 styles

Goddess Petra
Petra by Goddess
1 styles

Goddess Sport
Sport by Goddess
2 styles

Goddess Yvette
Yvette by Goddess
1 styles