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Elita Collections at HerRoom


Elita lingerie is known in the fashion world for combining style and comfort to fit the active woman of today. All products in the Elita line are made with cotton, Lycra spandex, viscose and microfiber, all materials that help the garments move with you throughout the day. The lingerie combines feminine designs with beautiful contours to reach the highest level of comfortable available. Elita is a leading brand of active body fashions in Canada and is quickly growing their reputation in the United States. The innovative fabrics and high tech designs for all figures are helping to make Elita one of women's top choices in lingerie. Elita has won Undies Awards for the Best Seamless Bra and Select Thong. It's no surprise they win awards as Elita strives to make each piece in their collections feel as if you are wearing nothing. You don't have to pull and tug on your bra and panties all day, leaving more time to be active. Those that wear Elita know this type of comfort cannot be found in every piece of lingerie. The comfort and the classic designs ensure Elita will keep growing and enveloping women in comfort.


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Elita Cotton Touch
Cotton Touch by Elita
1 styles

Elita Elita Plus
Elita Plus by Elita
6 styles

Elita Les Essentiels
Les Essentiels by Elita
2 styles

Elita Modal Luxe
Modal Luxe by Elita
3 styles

Elita Signature Seamless
Signature Seamless by Elita
4 styles

Elita Silk Magic
Silk Magic by Elita
12 styles

Elita Slips
Slips by Elita
3 styles

Elita The Essentials
The Essentials by Elita
8 styles

Elita The Naturals
The Naturals by Elita
3 styles

Elita Warmwear
Warmwear by Elita
2 styles