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At HerRoom, we believe that finding the best bra style and fit for your shape and size is vital to building the perfect lingerie wardrobe. That's why we carry hundreds of the most in-demand bra brands and styles on the market. Our mission is simple: We want to provide the most form-flattering and well-fitting bras for every woman, whether she's petite, average, large-breasted or plus size.

Whatever cup and band size you are, we have the bra for you. Whether you're looking for a strapless bra to wear under an evening gown or a contour bra to fit smoothly under T-shirts and sweaters, you'll find a variety of comfortable and flattering bras for all sizes, styles and shapes.

Start building your perfect lingerie wardrobe today by shopping for a range of bra styles, including underwire, T-shirt, strapless, bralette, push-up, sports bras, minimizer, nursing, open cup bras, camisole bras, and more. We also carry a large selection of plus size bras!

Need more information? Explore our bra-related resources below to get started.

While there are many styles of bras, there are 8 core styles we believe every woman should own: strapless, T-shirt (or contour), demi cup, push-up, sports, seamed cup (or multi-part cup), wireless, and minimizer. Once you have the essential styles, consider purchasing other styles from the list below:

Bra cups with surgical-quality reusable adhesive on the inside of the cups. Great for backless styles and styles where no regular bra will work.
Shop all adhesive bras

Unlined wireless bra worn for leisure and sleeping. Often doesn't have a closure, so is pulled on over your head.
Shop all bralettes

With a more conical cup design, this style creates a classic pin-up silhouette.
Shop all bullet bras

Typically a longline strapless or convertible bra where the band can be cinched in by laces or multiple rows of hook & eye closures. Cups are usually demi style to show off upper breast tissue.
Shop all corsets
Shop all bustiers

Demi cup
Cups have shorter underwires, less upper breast coverage and wide-set straps.
Shop all demi bras

Front closure
The closure is in the front between the cups instead of in the back.
Shop all front closure bras

Bra bands extend to the waist or lower.
Shop all longline bras

Wardrobe solutions for tricky dress tops with low-backs, no straps, and lower cuts.
Shop all low-back/backless bras

Designed to reduce breast projection and cup size.
Shop all minimizer bras

Multi-part cup (seamed cup)
Cup design made up of two or more fabric pieces sewn together. The most supportive bra style available, with seaming to center breast tissue and give breasts a beautiful shape.
Shop all multi-part cup bras

Open Cup
Open cup bras have minimal to no coverage in the front, but lift the breasts to give them shaping and support.
Shop all open cup bras

A low center panel to allow for plunging necklines and the appearance of more cleavage.
Shop all plunge bras

Cups with various pads to push breasts up and inward to optimize cleavage and bust size.
Shop all push-up bras

Also called T-back and sports back bras. Straps attach in the center of the back to keep them hidden under sleeveless and cut-away tops.
Shop all racerback bras

One of the sexier bra styles on the market, sheer bras are known for being revealing while also still providing support.
Shop all sheer bras

Underwire bra with a very small lower cup that doesn't cover the nipples.
Shop all shelf bras

Specially designed to minimize breast movement during exercise.
Shop all sports bras

Bras without straps, often with removeable and convertible straps.
Shop all strapless bras

Molded, seamless cups with a layer of foam for shape and modesty.
Shop all T-shirt bras

Bras with underwires for breast support and definition.
Shop all underwire bras

Also referred to as “soft cup bras,” these are bras without underwires.
Shop all wireless bras

Learn more about bra styles here.

Shop all plus size bras here.

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?

Finding the perfect bra for your style, size and shape starts with knowing your correct size. Using a bra size guide will allow you to fine tune the exact right fit for you.

To measure yourself for a bra at home, follow the quick and easy steps on our DIY Bra Sizing page.

Use our Bra Size Calculator to determine your correct band and cup size.

Once you have the right cup size and band size as a base, you can use our Bra Fit Checklist to ensure you buy a bra that supports and shapes you perfectly.

Refer to these other useful resources to help you find the right bra fit every time:
Bra Fit Tips & Tests
Troubleshooting Bra Fit Issues
Lingerie Lowdown: Finding Your Bra Size

Finding the best bras starts with knowing what bra style you need. Every year, HerRoom provides a variety of guides, outlines and up-to-date information about the best bras in various style categories.

Top 7 Full Figure Bras of 2018
Top 7 Average Size Bras of 2018
Six Must-Have Bra Styles

What Are the Best Bras for Support?

The best bras for support are multi-part cup bras. Also known as seamed cup bras or cut and sew bras, the multi-part cup bra’s cup design is made up of two or more fabric pieces sewn together. The seaming technology and the materials used work together to provide the perfect amount of support and shaping capabilities, making them the best bras for heavier breasts. Click here to learn more about the best bras for support and to watch our Expert Video.

Let’s face it – bra shopping is an inherently intimate experience. All women do it, and they have their own personal preferences about the when’s, the how’s, and the where’s to shop. They also tend to fall into one of two categories: they feel better shopping for their lingerie in a store or online.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Do you care about knowing exactly how things fit and feel more than how much variety is available to you at a given time? If so, you may prefer to shop in a store. Do you value convenience, privacy and having more of a variety to choose from? Then you probably prefer to shop online.

Today, there seems to be fewer and fewer physical lingerie stores. This phenomenon is happening for several reasons. Lingerie inventory is a heavy investment, so stores don’t usually have as many sizes and colors to choose from. The average bra comes in 24 sizes – so if a store wants to carry three colors of a bra, they’ll need 72 bras. That’s a lot of inventory to carry just one bra in your size and color. Also, if a customer goes to a store and they don’t have their size or preferred color, they’ll likely leave and go somewhere else before placing an order at the register.

In contrast, online stores can take an order for an item that wouldn’t normally be available in a store and fill that order immediately. This saves the customer and the retailer significant time and effort.

Understandably, people have their reservations about buying lingerie online. Let’s break down the most common three concerns women have and discuss how to overcome them.

1. You can’t try items on before buying them.

This is an obvious one. When shopping for clothes and lingerie in a store, we can get into a dressing room and try things on before we buy them. That said, most of us have purchased underwear before. We already have a favorite bra or panty, know what we’re looking for, and know what styles and features we like and what we don’t like.

For women who aren’t sure about their size or whether the bra they’re looking at online is true to size and fit, the best online lingerie stores now have customer reviews, specific sizing charts for each brand, and detailed fitter’s comments on each product page to help guide customers in the right direction. At HerRoom, we even have the Know Your Breasts™ Bra Finder to help you find the right bra for your size and shape, as well as the Universal Cup Sizing® System to help you find your universal cup size.

2. There’s no in-person customer service.

The absence of face-to-face customer service can seem like a huge loss when it comes to having a positive and successful shopping experience. Many of us feel better when there’s a professional there to help us make fit and style decisions instead of having to fend for ourselves online.

But online lingerie retailers have come a long way in providing easy-to-use resources to help you make educated purchase decisions from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Now, you can learn more about a piece of lingerie online than you normally could from a sales associate in a store. These features are like having a silent sales associate there to help you, but instead of having to wait in line or for an associate to finish helping other customers, you can get the information and assistance you need on demand – without having to sit through a sales pitch.

3. You have to wait to receive your purchase.

Having to wait for your purchase to be delivered can be frustrating – especially if you’re excited to receive your items, try them on and start wearing them. However, waiting a few extra days is worth it if you consider how much time you can save by shopping at home – not to mention the much larger selection offered by online retailers. Of course, if you’re in a time crunch and you need something same-day, it’s understandable that you would choose to go shopping in-store instead.

The good news is, online shopping for lingerie can be easy, enjoyable and educational.

Check out the helpful tools at HerRoom – all created for at-home shoppers – to help you choose the best fit, style and size for you at the Lingerie Expert Center.

You can also watch Expert Videos to learn about everything from how to measure yourself for a bra, how to find your perfect bra size, how to layer your undergarments, and more.

Find a better fit,


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