I like to think I’m open-minded to new ideas.  So, when I read yesterday about a French study claiming breasts would sag less if women went braless, I was intrigued.  But, now I’ve had a chance to really study it.  This has to be a hoax.
Let’s first start with a little reality check.  We’ve all seen photos/video of existing cultures where women walk around topless. Were their breasts perky, firm and full?  Of course not.  So, right there, this study is contrary to what we know to be true.
If you’re a woman and you’ve ever experienced breast bounce then you know – it hurts! Yet this study is claiming that women who went braless experienced a lift in their breast apex, and reduced back pain.  In my blog from a few years ago regarding breast bounce, Dr. Joanna Scurr found that our breasts move in a figure 8 while running, and that constant downward breast motion was found to be very painful for women.
Another important fact (that older women probably remember), is that sports bras are a rather new invention.  Before they were created, women with large breasts could not comfortably compete in sports.  Now, with the many sports bras available to women, more and more large-breasted women have become active and participate in sports.  No longer is there concern about controlling breast tissue during active exercising. So right there is one great argument for wearing a bra.
Wearing the right bra style and size can actually make you look thinner and more youthful. So, like the right style of clothing, bras makes us look better.
Now, let’s get into the physiology of breasts.  There are no muscles in your breasts.  Thus, there is no exercise a woman can do to bring her breasts up once they start to sag.  Our breasts are held in place by our Coopers Ligaments.  Ligaments can stretch, but they can not constrict.  So, it is just counter to reality for this study to conclude that women who went without their bras saw their breast apex lifted by 7 mm each year.  (See diagram above.)
Bottom line: leave it to a man to tell us we don’t need to wear a bra.
For more reliable information regarding breast bounce, see Dr. Joanna Scurr’s research in the UK regarding this topic.