About Tomima

In 1999, Tomima Edmark realized there was a gap in the options women had to buy lingerie; our choices were department store, lingerie boutique or mail order. Why shouldn’t we have the same ease buying bras that we had for, say, tee shirts or music? An entrepreneur with a series of unconventional successes, Tomima turned to the internet and HerRoom was born. Over the years, she has fine-tuned the business to offer women high quality, good design, comfort, fit, and value. Tomima hasn’t relied on instinct alone. Using an exhaustive approach to learn the industry, she has picked the brains of designers, manufacturers, and consumers to offer women the best possible products, services, and buying tips.

tomima edmarkFor Tomima, HerRoom isn’t just about shopping for sexy lingerie. She wants women to find the styles and sizes that fit them best—for all body types and tastes. Through HerRoom, Tomima has helped to revolutionize the way women shop for lingerie online. In March of 2012 launched Universal Cup Sizing™  a revolutionary feature that allows women to easily shop online for bra styles. This tool allows women to simplify their bra shopping experience by taking all brand sizes at HerRoom, and creating a universal cup size across all brands. This allows shoppers to easily find their bra size, no matter the brand. Another great tool created by HerRoom is the Know Your Breasts Bra Finder, offering women a new way to find the best bra styles to fit their unique breast attributes. Created by HerRoom, this in-depth questionnaire helps identify a woman’s unique (and probably unknown) breast characteristics. It changes the way women shop for bras by helping them learn about their personal breast attributes and giving them the best bra solutions to fit those characteristics.

Tomima EdmarkJust – the facts: Tomima is the inventor of the wildly successful TopsyTail, a hair accessory for women that she marketed by herself to revenues of $150 million. Along the way, she became known for her entrepreneurship and was featured on television shows and in business publications like Good Morning America, Oprah, Forbes Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. With a BFA in Fashion Design and an MBA, she uses her left brain and right brain to understand both the design and business of the women’s lingerie market. And for the most frequently asked question: what kind of a name is Tomima? It’s a venerable family name from the Orkney Islands off the northern tip of Scotland. The name has been passed down through Tomima’s mother’s family at least as far back as the 18th century. Pronounced like "Jemima" but with a "T".