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Anita Collections at HerRoom

The Anita lingerie collection of bras includes plus-size, maternity and sports bras. They create their bras from fabrics that are irritant free, so no matter how sensitive your skin is, you can enjoy the great support and comfort of an Anita bra.

For over one hundred years, Anita has been well-known for their post-surgery items, like post-mastectomy bras. The soft-cup styles offer plenty of support while still fitting gently and comfortably. These products cater to women with uneven breast shape and those who are post-mastectomy. Anita has expanded their brand to include both soft-cup and underwire bras, including cotton bras, 3-part cup styles, contour/t-shirt bras and more. Anita is also a market leader in maternity and nursing bras. They offer a variety of styles, all characterized by easy accessibility for nursing, comfort and softness against the skin.

Anita serves an often-underserved market of larger sized women. In many styles, cup sizes range to H or I. Band sizes cater to a broad range of figures and often range from 30-44.

With their commitment to support, comfort and fashion, Anita lingerie is an ideal choice for women who want more than just utilitarianism in specialty bras and hard-to-fit sizes.

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Anita Active
Active by Anita
10 styles

Anita Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon by Anita
2 styles

Anita Boho Beach
Boho Beach by Anita
3 styles

Anita Botanical Beach
Botanical Beach by Anita
3 styles

Anita Care
Care by Anita
9 styles

Anita Comfort
Comfort by Anita
6 styles

Anita Creole Check
Creole Check by Anita
1 styles

Anita Cruise Cuba
Cruise Cuba by Anita
1 styles

Anita Deep Sea
Deep Sea by Anita
5 styles

Anita Exotic Luxe
Exotic Luxe by Anita
2 styles

Anita Florianopolis
Florianopolis by Anita
2 styles

Anita Indigo Dye
Indigo Dye by Anita
1 styles

Anita Island Hopping
Island Hopping by Anita
13 styles

Anita Nomadic
Nomadic by Anita
2 styles

Anita Rosa Faia
Rosa Faia by Anita
20 styles

Anita Sea Gym
Sea Gym by Anita
3 styles

Anita Sun Drops
Sun Drops by Anita
4 styles

Anita Sunset Beauty
Sunset Beauty by Anita
2 styles

Anita Tropical Vibes
Tropical Vibes by Anita
3 styles

Anita Zebra Deluxe
Zebra Deluxe by Anita
2 styles