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Compression Bra

Minimize bounce & maximize your workout

A well-fitting and supportive sports bra is a must-have for every physical activity, regardless of impact level. And because all women are different shapes and sizes, we all have different needs. That’s why finding the right sports bra can be challenging, but oh-so important. There are many types of sports bras to choose from – but one popular style is the compression sports bra.

The compression sports bra is made to compress the breasts against the chest, holding them in place to minimize breast bounce and movement. This bra style doesn’t have individual cups to separate the breasts (like Encapsulation Bras). Some compression sports bra styles pull on over the head while others have a hook and eye closure in the back, much like a traditional bra.

Bustier bras are also a great option for relaxed, casual looks. Wear a bustier in a cute color or pattern under a sheer top and it becomes an eye-catching and trendy half-slip! Or wear a bustier under a cute summertime tube top or tube dress for extra support, lift and shape. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try a cute bustier with a longer line as outerwear with a pair of jeans or a skirt and a jacket. Get creative - the options are endless!

Compression bras come in different types of materials with different levels of stretch in the fabric and straps. Usually made with Lycra or spandex, they are available in different degrees of compression, as well. When you’re shopping for a compression bra, consider what activity you’ll be doing while wearing it. If you’ll be doing high impact exercise like running and cross fit, try a high impact sports bra with less stretch to help control breast bounce. If you’re wearing it for a light impact activity like walking or yoga, you can try a more relaxed style with a lower degree of compression.

Compression bras control inward and outward movement of the breasts while also stabilizing the up-and-down and side-to-side movement. This is especially important for larger-busted women performing high impact activities, because breast bounce can put strain on the delicate Coopers ligaments in the chest, which are what keep your breasts perky (instead of saggy). Once these ligaments are damaged, they can’t be recovered. So always wear a sports bra!

Compression Bra Style Highlights

  • Hug your breasts firmly to your chest
  • Minimize breast projection
  • Popular with smaller cup sizes
  • Best suited to low and medium impact activities
  • Can sometimes create a ‘uniboob’ look since they don’t have separate cups

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