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Why Buy Timpa Lingerie?  

This Dutch company has been creating lingerie for petities and women who wear smaller bra sizes since 1952. Bras are constructed for a smaller frame with shallower cups that flatter and even enhance cleavage. Panties and thongs are sexy and feminine. Timpa knows you may be small in size, but you're no little girl and they offer grown-up lingerie just for you.

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  1. Alice Lace Underwire Demi BraAlice Lace Underwire Demi Bra
    Timpa 16449
    Alice Lace Underwire Demi Bra
    684 Reviews
  2. Alice Lace Padded BraAlice Lace Padded Bra
    Timpa 16450
    Alice Lace Padded Bra
    50 Reviews
  3. Mesh Underwire Demi BraMesh Underwire Demi Bra
    Timpa 16800
    Mesh Underwire Demi Bra
    41 Reviews
  4. Alice Lace Plunge BraAlice Lace Plunge Bra
    Timpa 16541
    Alice Lace Plunge Bra
    1 Review
  5. Alice Lace Low Rise ThongAlice Lace Low Rise Thong
    Timpa 615700
    Alice Lace Low Rise Thong
    17 Reviews
  6. Alice Lace Low Rise Bikini PantyAlice Lace Low Rise Bikini Panty
    Timpa 630473
    Alice Lace Low Rise Bikini Panty
    58 Reviews
  7. Alice Lace Slip DressAlice Lace Slip Dress
    Timpa 18400
    Alice Lace Slip Dress
    1 Review
  8. Mesh Low Cut Bikini PantyMesh Low Cut Bikini Panty
    Timpa 630800
    Mesh Low Cut Bikini Panty
    2 Reviews
  9. Mesh Low Cut ThongMesh Low Cut Thong
    Timpa 615800
    Mesh Low Cut Thong
    3 Reviews
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Timpa gives the girls with smaller “girls” a boost of comfort and support. Tailored for smaller and petite women, Timpa bras are designed with the idea that every figure can be flattered with the right style and cut. Timpa’s bras push up, even if you don’t have natural cleavage. Timpa bras and panties come in playful, fun designs and havea soft feel to make sure women are getting what they need and want from their lingerie. Timpa is a Dutch lingerie brand famous for its Duet collection, which features styles made from a smooth mesh-patterned lace with a scalloped lace trim.

Timpa began in Amsterdam in 1952. The founders only had a few things to work with to create timeless designs. They began with cloth, a pair of scissors and sewing machines. Timpa is now in a partnership with the USA based distributor Milltex Group, and is produced in China.

The Duet Lace line is a bestseller, touted as fun and youthful. Designed with a patented airy crochet lace with a lot of elasticity, the bra comes in a variety of colors to suit every mood. Available in a wide range of fun colors, like buttercup, bordeaux and electric blue, it's no wonder this bra is such a favorite. Timpa bra cups are made of stretchy mesh making it soft on the skin. Sexiness is added with great colors and embroidery. Another favorite is the underwire demi bra, perfect for women who wear A, B and C cups and do not want padding, but still would like great lift and a sexy shape. The plunging shelf design is perfect under low and wide-cut necklines. Timpa styles also include lace full-cup bras, cotton demi bras, bikinis, boyshorts and thongs.

The Timpa Duet bra was voted an Undie Award winner in 2011 for favorite overall bra. It was also rated best petite bra by the New York Times in 2010.

Customers who bought the Duet Lace Underwire Demi bra rave about its look and fit. One customer said, "When I opened the package, I was surprised to see that the cup material was made of delicate lace and see-through. I tried the bra on and luckily it was the correct size for me! In the past, I've purchased 32AA bras that left gaps in the cup and I had to deal with falling straps and the bra riding up every time I lift my arms a little, even on the last hook. This bra has 3 hooks and it fits great on the first hook, as it should be. Plus, I really appreciate that the straps are adjustable from the front. The underbra wire lifts your breasts and gives them a nice round shape. This bra definitely makes being small-breasted more tolerable and I will be throwing out the lumpy bras I've had that never fit me this well."

The sexy and functional collection of Timpa bras has become a favorite for many women. Looking sensual and feeling beautiful can change your entire day. Timpa bras and panties bring petite customers a way to push themselves up and add cleavage naturally.