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Why Buy Three Dots?  
Three Dots raised the bar on women's t-shirts and tops. They're known for features like flat-lock seaming and a length that makes tops easy to tuck in. Combed cotton fabric is baby-soft and substantial, never sheer. With a modern fit, durability and great fabrics, these aren't just any old tees. They're for women who want to look as good as they feel. 

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Three Dots

Three Dots tees are characterized by a clean, modern design and a contemporary fit. Many colors and styles are available in Three Dots women's t-shirts. Besides being fashionable, Three Dots gives comfort to the modern day woman looking for that perfect combination of style and beauty. They are best known for clean styling and premium fabric. The ring-spun combed cotton fabric is incredibly soft and durable. It's also light and soft against the skin, yet not so sheer that it needs layering. The signature flat-lock stitching at the seams adds to the durability and comfort. Three Dots is an evolving concept in lifestyle dressing based on great fabrics, inspired design, fastidious construction and the perfect fit. 

Three Dots began in 1995 in California by Sharon Lebon, who began a journey to make a t-shirt for women out of high quality fabric. After six months, she finally created the perfect top. The company began with only three styles, three sizes and twelve colors. So where does the name, Three Dots come from? When Lebon began designing the essentials, the three dots meant "more to come." Three Dots was an instant hit in the world of fashion. Their collections for women now include exclusive knitwear, maternity, sportswear, cashmere and wovens. You can now find Three Dots' designs across the globe.

Three Dots t-shirts and tops are different because they are cut long, making them easy to tuck in. They come in many different styles for abundant  choices. Colors run the gamut from classic neutrals to vibrant brights. Many of the t-shirts and tops supply multiple choices to choose from when picking out the perfect outfit. Three Dots' iconic trademark is printed directly on the fabric. The trademark ellipsis is heat-stamped onto the fabric, reflecting the product's clean, minimal design. This trademark is matched by sophisticated design details, including Three Dots' signature flat-locked stitch. Many celebrities love Three Dots, including Taylor Swift and Anne Hathaway. The brand has been featured in magazines like Whole Living and Marie Claire.

Three Dots also works closely with many organizations to donate proceeds of their sales. They give to the Children's Environmental Health Coalition, dedicated to educating the public about environmental toxins that affect children's health, as well as to the Union Rescue Mission, dedicated to serving the poor and homeless. They also partner to help the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Humane Society of the United States, Saving America's Mustangs and Planet Hope.

Three Dots collections give women a modern look with a classic feel. The outbursts of color and unique patterns combined with the peaceful feeling of each style gives the woman the confidence and excitement she needs to face the day. When women feel covered in comfort while they look ravishing, they are true fashionistas.