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Why Buy Softies Sleepwear?  

Softies patented fiber technology wicks moisture away from your skin while neutralizing odor and inhibiting bacteria. All this plus pretty, feminine styles of Softies by Paddi Murphy nightgowns and robes. Any woman going through the dreaded hot flashes of menopause or the uncomfortable night sweats of pregnancy, chemotherapy or just sweltering summer nights will love the look and especially the feel of Softies.

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  1. Ruffle Bed JacketRuffle Bed Jacket
    Softies by Paddi Murphy 5706
    Ruffle Bed Jacket
    5 Reviews
  2. Ruffle RobeRuffle Robe
    Softies by Paddi Murphy 5700
    Ruffle Robe
    2 Reviews
  3. Cali 36 Inch Sleep ShirtCali 36 Inch Sleep Shirt
    Softies by Paddi Murphy 9956-3
    Cali 36 Inch Sleep Shirt
  4. Marshmallow Rib RobeMarshmallow Rib Robe
    Softies by Paddi Murphy 8800
    Marshmallow Rib Robe
    2 Reviews
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Softies by Paddi Murphy

What happens when you marry luxurious sleepwear with performance fabrics? The answer is: The most comfortable sleepwear, robes and lounge wear you've ever had the pleasure to wear. Softies by Paddi Murphy is the name of this fabulous clothing line – a family-owned, family-run company that is on the cutting edge of sleepwear comfort. First, it's the softest fabric ever. Then there are the tech features. Moisture management technology moves moisture away from your skin to keep you cooler and drier all night long. Fresh Guard anti-odor technology helps prevent bacterial growth in sweat and neutralizes odors. According to Softies, moisture wicking and anti-microbial technology last the entire life of the garment. Selected Softies nightwear reduces body temperature by seven degrees, a real boon during hot weather and hormonal changes. And Softies are not temperamental when washed and dried, with no special care needed other than machine washing and drying. And Softies sleepwear dries four times faster than cotton. Plus, Softies will not pill, shrink or fade. What's not to love?

Softies by Paddi Murphy are designed especially for women experiencing hormonal issues like night sweats and hot flashes due to "change of life," chemo treatments, hormonal changes of pregnancy, diabetes and also humid, muggy summer nights. But they're so comfortable and easy care, every woman will want them. is now proudly carrying the Softies line, and looks forward to serving your sleepwear needs with this exciting quality collection. Check back frequently to see the newest styles!