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With cups sizes from A-H(D5) and bands from 30-42, all women can have inimitable French style and exactly the right fit with Simone Perele. Exquisite details and innovative designs with comfort and fit at the forefront.

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  1. Delice Boyshort PantyDelice Boyshort Panty
    Simone Perele 12x630
    Delice Boyshort Panty
    6 Reviews
  2. Andora Bikini PantyAndora Bikini Panty
    Simone Perele 131727
    Andora Bikini Panty
  3. Saga Embroidered Boyshort PantySaga Embroidered Boyshort Panty
    Simone Perele 15c630
    Saga Embroidered Boyshort Panty
    1 Review
  4. Andora Thong PantyAndora Thong Panty
    Simone Perele 131707
    Andora Thong Panty
  5. Comete Bikini PantyComete Bikini Panty
    Simone Perele 12s720
    Comete Bikini Panty
  6. Karma Bikini PantyKarma Bikini Panty
    Simone Perele 12v720
    Karma Bikini Panty
  7. Uniq Thong PantyUniq Thong Panty
    Simone Perele 10v700
    Uniq Thong Panty
  8. Uniq Bikini PantyUniq Bikini Panty
    Simone Perele 10v720
    Uniq Bikini Panty
  9. Karma Tanga PantyKarma Tanga Panty
    Simone Perele 12v710
    Karma Tanga Panty
  10. Bloom Tanga PantyBloom Tanga Panty
    Simone Perele 12y710
    Bloom Tanga Panty
  11. Reve Boyshort PantyReve Boyshort Panty
    Simone Perele 12z630
    Reve Boyshort Panty
  12. Reve Tanga PantyReve Tanga Panty
    Simone Perele 12z710
    Reve Tanga Panty
  13. Andora Boyshort PantyAndora Boyshort Panty
    Simone Perele 131637
    Andora Boyshort Panty
    3 Reviews
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