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Why Buy Royce Lingerie?  
Since 1991, this U.K. company has recognized the need for well-constructed, supportive bras without underwires. Starting with a nursing bra, Royce lingerie now offers a range of styles, including sports bras. Styles are tested on real women and constructed of high-quality materials. Women of all sizes can enjoy the comfort of going wire-free.

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Many women run from the thought of underwire bras poking and prodding them all day. Royce Lingerie steps in to save these women from the discomfort some bras can bring. Royce supports women with comfortable, supportive lingerie that fits perfectly without the use of wires. The collections include bras for women who may be pregnant or nursing, just had a mastectomy, looking for their first bra or may just loathe underwires. Royce also carries petite bras in a convenient contour/t-shirt 2-pack, and a sports bra.  Royce offers sizes from a AA to a K cup so women of almost any size, including those with full figures, can enjoy their wireless bra designs.

Royce Lingerie was established in 1991 in the United Kingdom. The entire collection is designed and developed in the UK working closely with women to create perfect designs and fits. Every style in the Royce brand is extensively wear tested before being put onto the market. Comfort and quality are their top priorities when it comes to fitting women.

Two of the best selling bras in the Royce collections are the Royal Impact Free High Neck and Scoop Neck Sports Bras for the women who need to feel secure while being active. The thick elastic underband and double layer fabric provide this desired comfort. Also very popular, the best-selling Royce Blossom nursing bra 1018, which includes 3 sizes for your changing figure, and a ruched center front so you can wear it in a plunge or cropped style. Royce's best-selling nursing bra features plastic nursing clasps that may be opened with one hand.

Customers praise Royce designs for the softness that seems to make the bra disappear when wearing it without compromising style. One woman who bought the Charlotte Comfort Bra said, “Usually you compromise pretty with not so pretty when you need a good fit. I have used bras most of my life that were very expensive, not so pretty, but would hold my size without wires, which are not good for your breast tissues! I'm thankful for this new bra I've found here.” Royce tends to the woman yearning for this sense of softness and relaxation. After a mastectomy or childbirth, women need a bra that doesn't rub or irritate them. Moms-to-be and nursing mothers also need space to allow their changing breast sizes room to expand. Royce gives women an answer with their many choices and designs of bras.

Royce Lingerie gives women a sense of sensuality and beauty while doing its job to support and comfort. Women need a bra that is so cozy they can sleep in it and so beautiful they can wear it under many different outfits to many different occasions. Royce bras give this gift to women. With Royce you never have to worry about being poked and prodded by your lingerie again. Royce also does their part to give back. They work in conjunction with the charity, Against Breast Cancer on many projects each year to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research.