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Why Buy Rago Shapewear?  

Rago Lingerie is known for its well-constructed shapewear with quality fabric, making it durable and cozy while also flattering and stylish. A unique shapewear size range up to 5X.

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  1. Replacement PadsReplacement Pads
    Rago 914pad
    Replacement Pads
    3 Reviews
  2. Shapette Satin Panel Waist CincherShapette Satin Panel Waist Cincher
    Rago 821
    Shapette Satin Panel Waist Cincher
    181 Reviews
  3. Diet Minded Capri Pant LinerDiet Minded Capri Pant Liner
    Rago 6265
    Diet Minded Capri Pant Liner
    105 Reviews
  4. Light Shaping Capri Pant LinerLight Shaping Capri Pant Liner
    Rago 920
    Light Shaping Capri Pant Liner
    36 Reviews
  5. High Waist Padded Shaping PantyHigh Waist Padded Shaping Panty
    Rago 915
    High Waist Padded Shaping Panty
    53 Reviews
  6. Lacette Open Bottom Body BrieferLacette Open Bottom Body Briefer
    Rago 9357
    Lacette Open Bottom Body Briefer
    82 Reviews
  7. Lacette No Roll High Waist BriefLacette No Roll High Waist Brief
    Rago 6107
    Lacette No Roll High Waist Brief
    40 Reviews
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Shapewear is a staple in many women's wardrobes these days. It can be worn under almost anything for a smoother, leaner look and feel. Rago Lingerie has been an innovator of shapewear for over five decades. The products include panty girdles, contour shaping briefs, waist cinchers, high waist and long leg shapers. They are known for inner contour bands to shape the thighs, derriere and waist. Rago's selection of fabrics is special because it is constructed of higher denier Lycra spandex, which has the most powerful and residual strength of any other product. This special construction allows for ease of movement and is forgiving without the uncomfortable pulling many women dislike about shapewear.

Rago Foundations was started in 1945 by Jack Rago and Matty Marchisella. The two men were Italian immigrants who loved design and sewing technique. Marchisella created a support garment and fit it on his close friend. The finished product was such a hit that it was shipped to over 1000 retailers. The men continued to work on the shapewear until it was a superb fit for all women. This included developing silhouette patterns and construction detail for over 300 silhouettes. Rago is made in the USA and promises to continue their legacy of working tirelessly to shape women.

One of the best-selling products in the Rago shapewear collection is the Light High Leg Brief Panty. This shaping brief panty features a hidden inner panel that trims the tummy and shapes the rear secretly. There are no panty lines and no worries about bulge. Everything in the Rago brand is designed to contour to the body and is made with elegance and dignity.

Customers rave about the comfort and quality of Rago shapewear. Customers who bought Rago waist cinchers said they were well-constructed, with quality fabric making it durable and cozy as well as flattering. Rago shapewear continues to be innovative by being earth friendly. All garments are made in the USA, drastically reducing fuel and energy. All U.S. labor laws are strictly enforced so you know these products are ethical and safe.

Rago dresses women in classic shapewear to make them look and feel their best. They are always keeping up with the changing styles and technology of shapewear. Rago promises women will feel comfortable and confident when slipping on their shapewear and Rago undergarments.