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Why Buy Panache Lingerie?  

Panache lingerie is sexy and shapely, with bra sizing for a better fit with a modern and youthful style. Panache also designs excellent swimwear, with full figure bra sizing in the bikini swim tops, tankini tops and one-piece swimsuits. Their most famous product that has sold millions due to it size range and outstanding support is their Sports Bra, style 5021.

11 Items

  1. Ana Thong PantyAna Thong Panty
    Panache 9399
    Ana Thong Panty
    $21.95 - $29.00
  2. Allure Brief PantyAllure Brief Panty
    Panache 10762
    Allure Brief Panty
  3. Envy Deep Brief PantyEnvy Deep Brief Panty
    Panache 7283
    Envy Deep Brief Panty
    1 Review
    $21.95 - $36.00
  4. Imogen Brazilian Brief PantyImogen Brazilian Brief Panty
    Panache 10162
    Imogen Brazilian Brief Panty
    $24.95 - $31.00
  5. Tango Embroidered Brief PantyTango Embroidered Brief Panty
    Panache 9077
    Tango Embroidered Brief Panty
    $24.95 - $35.00
  6. Serene Brief PantySerene Brief Panty
    Panache 10302
    Serene Brief Panty
    $37.00 $29.95
  7. Serene Brief PantySerene Brief Panty
    Panache 10304
    Serene Brief Panty
    $36.00 $22.95
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