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Why Buy Marie Jo?  

Marie Jo specializes in old-world craftsmanship, with hand-sewn pieces for couture style and the best fit. In addition to lingerie, Marie Jo also designs swimwear with the same great fit. 

7 Items

  1. Avero Contour Plunge BraAvero Contour Plunge Bra
    Marie Jo 010-0418
    Avero Contour Plunge Bra
    22 Reviews
  2. Richard Padded Balcony Underwire BraRichard Padded Balcony Underwire Bra
    Marie Jo 012-2119
    Richard Padded Balcony Underwire Bra
    $128.00 $54.99
  3. Leda Round Shape Padded Underwire BraLeda Round Shape Padded Underwire Bra
    Marie Jo 010-2526
    Leda Round Shape Padded Underwire Bra
    $131.00 $64.99
  4. Danae Padded Deep Plunge BraDanae Padded Deep Plunge Bra
    Marie Jo 010-2576
    Danae Padded Deep Plunge Bra
    $79.95 - $154.00
  5. Undertones Padded Balconnet BraUndertones Padded Balconnet Bra
    Marie Jo 010-2019
    Undertones Padded Balconnet Bra
    $109.00 $59.95
  6. Madelon Balconnet BraMadelon Balconnet Bra
    Marie Jo 010-2283
    Madelon Balconnet Bra
    $140.00 $64.95
  7. Hans Balcony Padded BraHans Balcony Padded Bra
    Marie Jo 012-1849
    Hans Balcony Padded Bra
    $124.00 $54.99
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