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Why Buy Lunaire Bras, Panties, and More?  
Lunaire brings a new sense of style to plus size and full-figure bras. Multi-part cups offer plenty of support and lift to celebrate your shape. Layered fabrics have pretty, lacy finishes on the outside and durable support on the inside. Lunaire specializes in sizes to a DDD(D3) cup and 48 band in sexy, feminine styles. And all at budget-friendly prices. It's rare to find this combination of support, fashion and affordability.

16 Items

  1. Coolmax Underwire Sports BraCoolmax Underwire Sports Bra
    Lunaire 11111
    Coolmax Underwire Sports Bra
    396 Reviews
  2. Whimsy Barbados Lace Demi BraWhimsy Barbados Lace Demi Bra
    Lunaire 15211
    Whimsy Barbados Lace Demi Bra
    350 Reviews
  3. Love Knot Underwire BraLove Knot Underwire Bra
    Lunaire 13311
    Love Knot Underwire Bra
    1 Review
  4. Versailles Seamless Jacquard Underwire BraVersailles Seamless Jacquard Underwire Bra
    Lunaire 13211
    Versailles Seamless Jacquard Underwire Bra
    155 Reviews
  5. Jacquard Minimizer BraJacquard Minimizer Bra
    Lunaire 13511
    Jacquard Minimizer Bra
    1 Review
  6. New NY Strapless Underwire BraNew NY Strapless Underwire Bra
    Lunaire 17512
    New NY Strapless Underwire Bra
    16 Reviews
  7. Versailles Seamless Jacquard Soft Cup BraVersailles Seamless Jacquard Soft Cup Bra
    Lunaire 13214
    Versailles Seamless Jacquard Soft Cup Bra
    139 Reviews
  8. Sevilla Embroidered Demi BraSevilla Embroidered Demi Bra
    Lunaire 14011
    Sevilla Embroidered Demi Bra
    227 Reviews
  9. Seamless Wire Free Shaper CamisoleSeamless Wire Free Shaper Camisole
    Lunaire 62114
    Seamless Wire Free Shaper Camisole
    12 Reviews
  10. Limoges All Over Lace BraLimoges All Over Lace Bra
    Lunaire 29711
    Limoges All Over Lace Bra
    4 Reviews
  11. Jersey with Lace Trim BabydollJersey with Lace Trim Babydoll
    Lunaire 41320k
    Jersey with Lace Trim Babydoll
    2 Reviews
  12. Cool Max High Impact Sports BraCool Max High Impact Sports Bra
    Lunaire 12011
    Cool Max High Impact Sports Bra
    9 Reviews
  13. Whimsy Barbados Lace Boyshort PantyWhimsy Barbados Lace Boyshort Panty
    Lunaire 15232
    Whimsy Barbados Lace Boyshort Panty
    117 Reviews
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The Lunaire lingerie brand brings a fashionable, feminine bra to the full-figured woman. Their plus-size bras truly fit and support unlike many others made for full-figured women. Lunaire offers a wardrobe of bras in C to DDD(D3) cup sizes. Lacy-edged bras and seamless floral jacquard panties are just two of the ways Lunaire proves details win a woman over. Another thing women love is the strength of the bra. Rather than just one-piece cups, Lunaire seamed cups are constructed from two or more pieces of fabric. This helps shape the breast while strengthening the cups. Other full-figured bras seem to flatten the breasts due to lack of support. Women want to be perky instead of flat as a pancake. Lunaire not only gives women this perkiness, but each style is fashionable and flirty.

Lunaire was founded in 2001 in Jersey City, New Jersey by Benjamin Chan. It's a small company with a large capacity for production. Lunaire can be found in department stores, boutiques and online retailers throughout the country. Lunaire designers say they are devoting their brand to the perfect blend of fashion, fit and femininity.

Lunaire bases their styles on the proposition that all women are different, with unique proportions. They strive to produce bras that create a flawless silhouette. Many have a translucent appearance. This is done with a multi-layered construction process. The nude inner layer of fabric is durable and bears the bulk of the weight from the breast. The sheer outer layer is elegant, but is not at risk because it does not bear any weight. These sheer, sexy bras are a must in the traditional Lunaire collection. Full-figured women in the past were confined to opaque bras, but Lunaire has surpassed that. Many women want fashionable touches. They can find this in the Whimsy Barbados collection, full of colorful styling, elegant laces and fun embroidery. The Limoges All Over Lace Bra is lavished with exquisite floral lace. Lunaire designers believe seduction deserves many choices. Also available in the Lunaire brand, shaping camisoles, plus size torsette camisoles, shaping briefs and thigh shapers. 

Customers love Lunaire's high impact Coolmax sports bras because they say they are supportive while being comfortable. Women say they are not just sports bras, but styles that look good under any outfit for day or evening. Customers rave not only about the fit and feel of all Lunaire bras and panties, but also the unique designs and fun patterns. has awarded Lunaire for their exuberant designs and fit with their coveted Undie Award. The 2009 Undie Award for the Best Full Figured Bra went to the Coolmax Underwire Sports Bra. This same bra was chosen other years as a the selected favorite of the judges. The Strapless Underwire Bra won the 2010 Undie Award for Favorite Full-figured Strapless Bra.

Lunaire fits the full-figured and plus size woman in fashion that stays in place, but makes a statement. Lunaire knows women want to feel different, but be stylish at the same time.