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Why Buy Le Mystere Bras and Panties?  
French company Le Mystere lingerie knows a stylish, perfectly-fitted bra can make all the difference, so they offer a broad selection of styles and fits for every shape and a wide range of sizes. 

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  1. Lace Allure Unlined BraLace Allure Unlined Bra
    Le Mystere 8246
    Lace Allure Unlined Bra
    $28.99 - $58.00
  2. Sexy Mama Nursing BraSexy Mama Nursing Bra
    Le Mystere 163
    Sexy Mama Nursing Bra
    27 Reviews
    $66.00 $32.99
  3. Gigi Push Up BraGigi Push Up Bra
    Le Mystere 2215
    Gigi Push Up Bra
    45 Reviews
  4. Infinite Comfort Bikini PantyInfinite Comfort Bikini Panty
    Le Mystere 2238
    Infinite Comfort Bikini Panty
    2 Reviews
    $11.95 - $15.00
  5. Second Skin Hipster PantySecond Skin Hipster Panty
    Le Mystere 2321
    Second Skin Hipster Panty
    $14.95 - $20.00
  6. Seamless Comfort Sport Short PantySeamless Comfort Sport Short Panty
    Le Mystere 2333
    Seamless Comfort Sport Short Panty
    1 Review
    $28.00 $17.95
  7. Sophia Lace Convertible Straps T-Back BraSophia Lace Convertible Straps T-Back Bra
    Le Mystere 2635
    Sophia Lace Convertible Straps T-Back Bra
    5 Reviews
    $65.00 $32.99
  8. Lace Allure Longline Convertible BraLace Allure Longline Convertible Bra
    Le Mystere 3246
    Lace Allure Longline Convertible Bra
    $48.95 - $65.00
  9. Second Skin Unlined BraSecond Skin Unlined Bra
    Le Mystere 3321
    Second Skin Unlined Bra
    1 Review
    $62.00 $45.95
  10. Infinite Underwire Convertible T-Shirt BraInfinite Underwire Convertible T-Shirt Bra
    Le Mystere 3324
    Infinite Underwire Convertible T-Shirt Bra
    5 Reviews
    $65.00 $35.95
  11. Safari Wireless BraSafari Wireless Bra
    Le Mystere 3378
    Safari Wireless Bra
  12. Light Luxury Cut & Sew Lace Underwire BraLight Luxury Cut & Sew Lace Underwire Bra
    Le Mystere 4111
    Light Luxury Cut & Sew Lace Underwire Bra
    4 Reviews
    $68.00 $32.99
  13. Seamless Comfort Brief PantySeamless Comfort Brief Panty
    Le Mystere 4417
    Seamless Comfort Brief Panty
    $15.95 - $20.00
  14. Infinite Comfort Brief PantyInfinite Comfort Brief Panty
    Le Mystere 4438
    Infinite Comfort Brief Panty
    $11.95 - $15.00
  15. Safari Strapless BraSafari Strapless Bra
    Le Mystere 4478
    Safari Strapless Bra
  16. Cotton Touch Unlined Underwire BraCotton Touch Unlined Underwire Bra
    Le Mystere 5020
    Cotton Touch Unlined Underwire Bra
    2 Reviews
    $64.00 $45.95
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Since it was founded in 1991, Le Mystere lingerie has followed the motto: “All about fit.” The designers at Le Mystere believe a functional, stylish bra that fits perfectly can change a woman's life. Le Mystere understands no two women are alike, so there must be many selections out there to make the fit and design work for each woman. Le Mystere bras are available in B-H cups and 32-44 bands, which varies by style. La Mystere bras and underwear are known for being seamless and smooth under clothing. The “all about fit” approach promises to be fashionable, stylish and comfortable for every woman.

Le Mystere’s goal has always been to ensure that each piece of lingerie has a European look and style that is both comfortable and sexy. Before beginning Le Mystere, its founder had been in the lingerie business for a few decades. Going out on his own, he brought all he had learned in the industry and began Le Mystere. The brand originally only offered sizes from A to DD. After the collections became popular with woman of all sizes, Le Mystere added sizes C to H, including full-figure sizes. Le Mystere is now sold in Europe, China, South America, Africa as well as the United States.

Le Mystere lingerie has graced the cover and editorials of many magazines, including Essence and In Style. Staple styles such as the Dream Tisha, Isabella, Soiree strapless and the Second Skin collection are made in a wide range of sizes. Many of the Le Mystere bras feature fine, embroidered Swiss tulle and high-tech microfiber fabrics with luxurious lace and ribbons. Le Mystere designers make their bras this way because these luxuries never go out style. Lace and ribbons have been around for centuries and they believe these embellishments help create the perfect bra for that perfect fit.

Le Mystere likes to give women the fashion and comfort they desire, while also giving back to the community. They team up with Staxx each year to support the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. They also support and donate to the Go Red for Women American Heart Association campaign and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

With all its style, grace and comfort, Le Mystere has won many accolades. They have been awarded numerous CILA (Contours International Lingerie Awards) and US Lingerie Awards. Herroom has even awarded the brand the coveted Undies Award. Le Mystere won in 2007 and 2008 for Favorite full-figure T-shirt bra.

Le Mystere remains a leader in the lingerie world by introducing innovative and sophisticated styles for all women. They want to be the bra that changes your life by giving you the most amazing fit combined with the best style that will help you feel confident and beautiful.

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