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Why Buy KayAnna Pajamas?  
It's a tough combination--comfort, coziness and irresistible good looks--and KayAnna gets it right. Sleepwear and robes have a spa-style lushness and feminine trims, like embroidery, velvet and lace. From warm, comfy flannel PJ's to gowns with brushed lining and waffle-weave spa robes, relax and indulge yourself. You deserve it. 

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Easing into a fluffy robe is something most women yearn for after a bath or a long day. KayAnna provides this for the modern woman wanting to feel sexy and comfortable as she lounges in her spare time. KayAnna knows a woman needs a time of peace in the middle of her busy life. The innovative style and comfort of both KayAnna robes and sleepwear are something not found on every rack at the store. The KayAnna motto is, Make ourselves irresistible. KayAnna and women appreciate that irresistible can be found in a cozy robe, pajamas, and nightgowns that blankets them in warmth.

KayAnna was founded in 1971 in Canada by brothers Ron and Paul Salhany. The men have kept the robes and sleepwear a family business by bringing on sister, Andrea and Ron's son, Steven. The family believes this is one reason they are successful and continue to grow. In addition to Canada and the United States, KayAnna has grown to supply several countries in Europe, online sites, specialty catalogs and department stores. Most recently KayAnna also began a Spa division with some of the newest and most unique fabrics available on the market.

Following their motto to “make ourselves irresistible,” KayAnna uses only the best fabrics to clothe women in warmth. Women have their choice of what makes them feel snug and cozy. Some choose the brush back satin sleepwear with the shimmer of satin outside and a cotton interior surface for comfort. Embroidery is a favorite in every style as there are different patterns and colors to attract women's attention. KayAnna feels a woman should look good while she rests. Another favorite, the Floral Brush Back Satin Floral pajama set is made with polyester and cotton fabric for soft comfort and easy care. The Waffle Shawl Collar Spa Robe is another best seller as women love the waffle-textured surface that is perfect for spa wear as well as at home.

KayAnna not only gives comfort to women, but blankets charities with their goodness. They have recently partnered with Cancer Research in the UK, one of the world's leading independent organizations dedicated to conquering cancer through research. KayAnna nightgowns sold a few of their gowns on the website with Cancer Research entitled, Shop to Beat Cancer. They have also partnered with Goodshop.com, a website that offers with every search and every purchase a donation to your specified charity.

Customers rave about the “fabulous feel and fit” of the spa robes. Others say they bought KayAnna sleepwear as a gift and ended up admiring the softness and look so much they had to get a few for themselves. Women say good bathrobes are hard to find as the material just isn't soft enough, but with KayAnna it's a totally different sensation that helps them rest in luxury.

KayAnna strives to make each woman feel and look irresistible as she relaxes in her loungewear. Slumber has never come so quickly as to a woman wearing KayAnna robes and sleepwear.