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Why Buy Hue Hosiery?  
For over 30 years, Hue has been brightening the hosiery world with explosions of color and fashion. Their opaque and patterned tights and leggings add fun to any outfit. Hue legwear, like thigh-highs, pantyhose and socks run from sleek sheers in essential skin tones to fishnets, mesh and textures. If you can imagine it, Hue makes it. 

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  1. Soft Opaque Knee HighSoft Opaque Knee High
    Hue 5304
    Soft Opaque Knee High
    19 Reviews
  2. Ultra Soft High Waist Denim LeggingsUltra Soft High Waist Denim Leggings
    Hue 20652
    Ultra Soft High Waist Denim Leggings
    5 Reviews
  3. French Lace Thigh-HiFrench Lace Thigh-Hi
    Hue 5971
    French Lace Thigh-Hi
    19 Reviews
  4. Perfectly Bare Hidden LinerPerfectly Bare Hidden Liner
    Hue 10310
    Perfectly Bare Hidden Liner
    6 Reviews
  5. Toeless Control Top PantyhoseToeless Control Top Pantyhose
    Hue 6010
    Toeless Control Top Pantyhose
    11 Reviews
  6. So Silky Sheer PantyhoseSo Silky Sheer Pantyhose
    Hue 10762
    So Silky Sheer Pantyhose
    6 Reviews
  7. Graduated Compression TightsGraduated Compression Tights
    Hue 21309
    Graduated Compression Tights
    4 Reviews
  8. Backseam Control Top PantyhoseBackseam Control Top Pantyhose
    Hue 6038
    Backseam Control Top Pantyhose
    3 Reviews
  9. Cotton Liner Socks - 6 PackCotton Liner Socks - 6 Pack
    Hue 6421
    Cotton Liner Socks - 6 Pack
    1 Review
  10. French Lace Control Top PantyhoseFrench Lace Control Top Pantyhose
    Hue 5970
    French Lace Control Top Pantyhose
    8 Reviews
  11. Fishnet Control Top PantyhoseFishnet Control Top Pantyhose
    Hue 7200
    Fishnet Control Top Pantyhose
    16 Reviews
  12. Cool Contours Low Cut LinerCool Contours Low Cut Liner
    Hue 10238
    Cool Contours Low Cut Liner
    1 Review
  13. Ultrasmooth SockUltrasmooth Sock
    Hue 10084
    Ultrasmooth Sock
    6 Reviews
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Hue hosiery loves your legs...and your feet...and even your toes. Introduced in 1978, Hue Hosiery lines include tights, pantyhose, socks and even shoe accessories like heel and ball-of-foot 'pillows.' In fact, Hue hosiery offers so many styles of leg wear, you can fill your whole hosiery wardrobe with them. Choose from tights, leggings, knee-highs, pantyhose, thigh high stockings, casual socks, knee socks, anklets and more.

Women of all ages appreciate Hue's reliable high quality and comfort. Whether tights, socks or pantyhose, Hue products are designed to be long-lasting and well-made. Hue's opaque tights are extremely popular for their fit and their fashion colors. Every season brings new styles and color palettes. You'll find tights with control tops, in fashionable textures like net and in the latest colors, like espresso, burgundy, scarlet heather and moss.

Hue socks stay ahead of the trend, too. Dress up last year's boots with knee socks that add a pop of color and freshness. Or roll knee socks and casual socks over the top of low boots. For a more daring fashion statement, try a pair of casual roll-top socks with your high heels. Socks come in almost any style, including the popular Hue jeans sock, soft and comfy to wear with your favorite jeans. Hue socks can even be a treat for your feet. Their new massaging sock with aloe has a zig-zag sole that gives your feet a mini-massage all day long. Other sock styles include smooth opaque knee-highs, textured and cabled knee highs, anklets, sports socks and no-show socks.

Hue leggings are comfy and soft with a great fit. They wash beautifully, too. Legging styles include their popular corduroy leggings in a rich camel neutral tone. Wide wale corduroy leggings are cold-weather staples, with a warm cozy feel and versatile colorways. Hue also offers interesting jeans leggings in a boot cut, capri or skinny style. There are so many leggings to choose from, you may find yourself wearing an interesting new style every day.

And, of course, there are Hue stockings and pantyhose--from everyday work styles through dress-up, jazzy styles. You'll find control-top pantyhose in ultra-sheer fabrics along with seamed pantyhose, mesh, sheer textured styles and more. A popular style is Hue's Age Defiance control top, with smooth firming control and beautiful all-day support. Hue's thigh-highs get great reviews for their lovely embellishment, like French lace and for their fit innovations, and the silicone gripper elastic around the thigh that ensures thigh-highs will stay up, not slide down.

Hue offers unbeatable style and quality in their tights, pantyhose, stockings, socks, and other hosiery that you'll want to wear all year round with almost anything in your wardrobe.