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Why Buy Glamorise?  

Full-figured women, who are often underserved in the lingerie market, welcome the fashionable design and supportive construction of Glamorise - from high-tech sports bras to everyday and special occasion bras. 

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  1. Wonderwire Front Closure BraWonderwire Front Closure Bra
    Glamorise 1245
    Wonderwire Front Closure Bra
    775 Reviews
  2. Magic Lift Full Figure Wireless Support BraMagic Lift Full Figure Wireless Support Bra
    Glamorise 1000
    Magic Lift Full Figure Wireless Support Bra
    326 Reviews
  3. Magic Lift with Posture Back Support BraMagic Lift with Posture Back Support Bra
    Glamorise 1265
    Magic Lift with Posture Back Support Bra
    311 Reviews
  4. Wonderwire Stretch Lace Front Closure BraWonderwire Stretch Lace Front Closure Bra
    Glamorise 9245
    Wonderwire Stretch Lace Front Closure Bra
    521 Reviews
  5. No Bounce Cami Sports BraNo Bounce Cami Sports Bra
    Glamorise 1066
    No Bounce Cami Sports Bra
    373 Reviews
  6. Magic Lift Active Support BraMagic Lift Active Support Bra
    Glamorise 1005
    Magic Lift Active Support Bra
    247 Reviews
  7. Magic Lift Full Figure Minimizer BraMagic Lift Full Figure Minimizer Bra
    Glamorise 1003
    Magic Lift Full Figure Minimizer Bra
    151 Reviews
  8. Wonderwire Front Closure T-Back BraWonderwire Front Closure T-Back Bra
    Glamorise 1246
    Wonderwire Front Closure T-Back Bra
    103 Reviews
  9. The Ultimate Full Figure Soft Cup Sports BraThe Ultimate Full Figure Soft Cup Sports Bra
    Glamorise 1006
    The Ultimate Full Figure Soft Cup Sports Bra
    154 Reviews
  10. Front Close Lace Wonderwire BraFront Close Lace Wonderwire Bra
    Glamorise 9246
    Front Close Lace Wonderwire Bra
    28 Reviews
  11. Underwire High Impact Sports BraUnderwire High Impact Sports Bra
    Glamorise 9066
    Underwire High Impact Sports Bra
    92 Reviews
  12. Front Close Back Smoothing Wonderwire BraFront Close Back Smoothing Wonderwire Bra
    Glamorise 1247
    Front Close Back Smoothing Wonderwire Bra
    4 Reviews
  13. Lace Comfort Wonderwire BraLace Comfort Wonderwire Bra
    Glamorise 9855
    Lace Comfort Wonderwire Bra
    2 Reviews
  14. Elegance Comfort Straps Wonderwire BraElegance Comfort Straps Wonderwire Bra
    Glamorise 1240
    Elegance Comfort Straps Wonderwire Bra
    6 Reviews
  15. MagicLift Natural Shape Support BraMagicLift Natural Shape Support Bra
    Glamorise 1010
    MagicLift Natural Shape Support Bra
    3 Reviews
  16. Magic Lift Full Figure Front Hook BraMagic Lift Full Figure Front Hook Bra
    Glamorise 1200
    Magic Lift Full Figure Front Hook Bra
    90 Reviews
  17. Magic Lift Moisture Control BraMagic Lift Moisture Control Bra
    Glamorise 1064
    Magic Lift Moisture Control Bra
    17 Reviews
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Glamorise Foundations, Inc. was founded in 1921 on the premise that the full-figured woman was not served well in the world of lingerie and needed a company focused on her needs. When Len Rosner took over the family business, things began to blossom. In 1925, the first patents for a bra and corset were granted. In 1951, the Adjust-Eze girdle was featured in Life magazine. It was a revolutionary patented girdle design that allowed you to adjust your waistline for a custom fit. In 1970, the first USA patent for the MagicLift bra was given to Glamorise. This collection is still the industry leader in soft cup bras with crisscross center fronts to uplift and support the fuller bust.

Glamorise went on to grow their collections to include full-figure underwires, wireless styles, longlines, strapless bras and minimizers. The bras featured a wider stretch strap with front closures or supportive back closures. Glamorise delights in being a classic in the lingerie world, while growing along with the fashion and trends of tomorrow.

Glamorise prides themselves on their exclusive True-Grading process, which they say, "is unique and assures that our bras are never cross-graded." In a typical cross-graded product line, only 16 differently sized components are used to fit a range of 66 sizes.  Some manufacturers even cross grade the entire bra, not just its components, selling 44C and 46B bras interchangeably. Additionally, Glamorise designs their products, sources all the materials and manufactures all of their products. 

Customers say they are happiest with the general support and comfort of Glamorise bras. One woman said she had the hardest time finding a bra that wouldn't poke her, fall down or fail her throughout the day. When she bought a Glamorise bra she knew the search had ended. She says after sitting for ten hours of work she still felt supported and did not have to pull up her straps at all. Women find the selection in the collections of Glamorise perfect to fit their needs. offers several of Glamorise's collections. The Complete Comfort collection includes soft, comfortable leisure bras that are perfect for weekends and time off. The Glamorise Magic Lift collection features bras in both wireless and special Wonderwire styles, with an underwire that is hidden and features a fiberfill cushioned band that never touches the body. Magic Lift bras support up to sizes 50H with cotton-lined cups and moisture management. The Glamorise Sport Bra collection features sports bras with seamless MagicLift non-stretch cups, and performance fabric that wicks moisture away from skin. 

It's easy to feel glamorous and supported when wearing Glamorise bras. All of the collections are designed to lift and support in different ways. Glamorise only offers the best for a woman and her lingerie.