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Why Buy GINIA?  
With 40 years of experience in designing and producing exquisite silk satin lingerie, GINIA has thrilled women for decades. Whether you're longing for silken sleepwear, or camisoles that are meant to be seen, GINIA fashions will bring you sensuous pleasure and many seasons of wear.

13 Items

  1. Silk Camisole V NeckSilk Camisole V Neck
    GINIA 9615
    Silk Camisole V Neck
    $88.00 $70.40
  2. Silk Night GownSilk Night Gown
    GINIA gbs404
    Silk Night Gown
    $174.00 $139.20
  3. Silk Wrap RobeSilk Wrap Robe
    GINIA gbs600
    Silk Wrap Robe
    $285.00 $228.00
  4. Isla Silk PantIsla Silk Pant
    GINIA gbs701
    Isla Silk Pant
    $226.00 $180.80
  5. Juniper Silk ShortJuniper Silk Short
    GINIA glh101
    Juniper Silk Short
    $78.00 $62.40
  6. Juniper Silk ChemiseJuniper Silk Chemise
    GINIA glh301
    Juniper Silk Chemise
    $118.00 $94.40
  7. Juniper Silk RobeJuniper Silk Robe
    GINIA glh601
    Juniper Silk Robe
    $220.00 $176.00
  8. Silk Sleep Short with LaceSilk Sleep Short with Lace
    GINIA gpm101
    Silk Sleep Short with Lace
    $88.00 $70.40
  9. Silk Chemise with Lace TrimSilk Chemise with Lace Trim
    GINIA gpm301
    Silk Chemise with Lace Trim
    1 Review
    $148.00 $118.40
  10. Silk Sleep Slip with LaceSilk Sleep Slip with Lace
    GINIA gpm401
    Silk Sleep Slip with Lace
    1 Review
    $198.00 $158.40
  11. Silk Sleep ShortSilk Sleep Short
    GINIA gbs102
    Silk Sleep Short
    $92.00 $73.60
  12. Silk Camisole with LaceSilk Camisole with Lace
    GINIA gpm201
    Silk Camisole with Lace
    1 Review
    $98.00 $78.40
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GINIA lingerie, pajamas, and sleepwear are well-known in Australia, where the brand was first created. For forty years, GINIA has delighted sophisticated, discerning women everywhere with pure silk camisoles, chemises, nightgowns, knickers, sleep shorts and more. Styles are offered with unembellished classics as well as with lavish lace trims. For lovers of natural fibers, silk is divine. And contrary to what many believe, silk is not a delicate fiber. It is strong, breathable, naturally helps hold heat close to you in cold weather and expels it in warm weather. Silk is also hypoallergenic and is a fungal repellent. That is the functional side of silk, so how about the fashionable aspects? Silk absorbs rich colors well and floats over your skin with a whisper soft touch. When cut on the bias, woven silk drapes beautifully. GINIA is a master of silk garments, designing each and every one to fit the feminine curves of women. Thanks to GINIA, silk finery is aspirational yet accessible for real women everywhere. And if you've been sequestering yourself to protect your family, a few small silk luxuries can go a long way to making you feel inspired and empowered, ready to face the future. And this premium sleepwear also makes a luxurious gift that would please any woman!

HerRoom is delighted to add this wonderful, highly esteemed brand to our luxury sleep and loungewear and know you will be amazed at its beauty.