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Why Buy Fleur't Lingerie?  
Mix soft stretchy fabrics with lively colors and lacy details and you get Fleur't--comfortable, flirty and fun. Start with perfect fit and styles pretty enough for bedtime and comfortable enough for every day. The line includes panties, boyshorts, bralettes, camisoles and sleepwear. Many Fleur't styles are made with MicroModal fabric by Lenzing, which is eco-friendly, derived from a sustainable beechwood forest that organically repopulates. Whether you crave comfort or a burst of color and luxury, Fleur't can be the star of your lingerie and sleepwear drawer. 

23 Items

  1. Iconic Lace High Waist Boyshort PantyIconic Lace High Waist Boyshort Panty
    Fleur't 305
    Iconic Lace High Waist Boyshort Panty
    5 Reviews
  2. Iconic Lace Boyshort PantyIconic Lace Boyshort Panty
    Fleur't 205
    Iconic Lace Boyshort Panty
    54 Reviews
  3. Iconic Lace ThongIconic Lace Thong
    Fleur't 103
    Iconic Lace Thong
    19 Reviews
  4. Iconic Lace Camisole with Shelf BraIconic Lace Camisole with Shelf Bra
    Fleur't 383lu
    Iconic Lace Camisole with Shelf Bra
    12 Reviews
  5. Belle Epoque Lace T-Back GownBelle Epoque Lace T-Back Gown
    Fleur't 633
    Belle Epoque Lace T-Back Gown
    1 Review
  6. Belle Epoque T-Back Tank DressBelle Epoque T-Back Tank Dress
    Fleur't 4174bas
    Belle Epoque T-Back Tank Dress
    8 Reviews
  7. Iconic RobeIconic Robe
    Fleur't 620
    Iconic Robe
    1 Review
  8. Iconic Long RobeIconic Long Robe
    Fleur't 621
    Iconic Long Robe
    1 Review
  9. Iconic Boxer ShortIconic Boxer Short
    Fleur't 604
    Iconic Boxer Short
    1 Review
  10. Iconic Lace Racerback ChemiseIconic Lace Racerback Chemise
    Fleur't 635
    Iconic Lace Racerback Chemise
    1 Review
  11. Iconic Lace BraletteIconic Lace Bralette
    Fleur't 611
    Iconic Lace Bralette
    2 Reviews
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Most women know how to flirt and love to be comfortable while they flirt. Fleur't lingerie combines this femininity with comfort and style for the womanly shape. The lingerie's bursts of color flirt with the eyes while the fit blankets you in happiness. The Fleur't panties, bralettes, chemises and camisoles are made from modern fabric blends that allow it to be soft, yet hold its shape. Fleur't's  primary fabric, Lenzing MicroModal is taken from sustainable beechwood forest trees, which organically repopulate, so Fleur't is very eco-friendly as well as sensationally soft and comfortable. Some pieces are embellished with stretch floral laces, embroidery or touches like sheer mesh, lettuce-edge trims and applique. It may sound like many other lingerie collections, but Fleur't designers say they are unique - unlike any other because of the colors, designs and high fashions in all of the collections.

Fleur't lingerie was started in 1999 in Los Angeles, California. The name, Fleur't came from an exact definition of the brand. When a friend asked the founder about the line, she said, "It's fresh, flirtatious and feminine." The brand can now be found all around the United States and in select international areas. Fleur't designs are all created with a sensuous, comfortable feel in mind. Fleur't wants you to be able to wear it during the day into the night for  special occasions and especially for sleepwear. The delicate balance of each piece has to be pretty, yet elegant. Each camisole and lace trimmed panty is made with fabric that stretches gently and conforms to many different body shapes. One of the best sellers is the Iconic Lace collection, including a camisole with shelf bra, matching boyshort panties and thongs with a non-lacy robe. Women everywhere love its super-soft Lenzing Micromodal and spandex knit. Many of the Fleur't designs are  available in multiple colors.

Fleur't customers rave about the overall comfort of their lingerie. Customers say the panties are the best in their lingerie drawer because they are incredibly comfortable and wash beautifully. They don't ride up and there is no panty line. Others fell in love with the bras saying that Fleur't designs give the feel of going without a bra with the coverage they desired. The bright colors and exquisite designs are popular in every Fleur't collection. Even the classic black, nude and white colors have proven to be favorites are they provide traditional style, beauty and comfort.

Fleur't underwear, robes, nightgowns, bras, and camisoles let women let the flirting fly. The colors, designs, laces and intense colors let a woman feel the confidence she needs with a feel she deserves.