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Why Buy Enell Lingerie?  
The sports bra of choice for athletes, Enell was born of necessity. Founder Renell Braaten used extensive testing and research to create a sports bra that stabilizes, supports and secures breasts no matter how strenuous the workout. In sizes from C-DDD cups and bands from 32-52, all women can now get the support they need.

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  1. High Impact Front Close Sports BraHigh Impact Front Close Sports Bra
    Enell 100
    High Impact Front Close Sports Bra
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    Enell 101
    Lite Front Close Sports Bra
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Renelle Braaten is the founder and president of Enell, Inc. of Montana. She designed this bra in the mid 1990s when she could not find a sports bra that gave her the support that she needed while playing volleyball. She was inspired to design the kind of bra that worked for her, and discovered she had a customer base of active, full-bosomed women who needed what she was offering.

Athletes were her first identified target, but soon exercise and fitness enthusiasts who were leaders and participants in physical education, aerobics, exercise classes, heath clubs, running, cycling, and horse back riding, all discovered Enell. Women professionals whose work requires physical exertion such as police officers, fire fighters, EMS personnel, heavy equipment operators and military personnel also found the comfort and support Enell offers. Nursing and pregnant women, physical therapy patients and postoperative breast reconstruction patients found that Enell keeps the breast compressed with little movement, to allow sensitive tissue to heal better after surgery.

Whatever your special need, Enell is the ideal choice. The nylon/Lycra spandex blend gives superior support to cotton blends, and the Naturexx process gives wicking capabilities to this bra. Features that make Enell so well received include extra wide straps that won't dig in or slip down; a wide elastic band at bottom to keep bra in place; no inside seams to cause chafing; non-stretch bra body, including straps, for minimal bounce; and a double layer of fabric in lower front, for added support, while compressing the breast tissue gently for comfort during activities. The bra has special criss-cross support in back, and a front closure. Since this bra does not slip over the head like other sports bras, there is no stretching out of shape. The Enell front closure bra is an extremely high performance sports bra that is also incredibly comfortable. This combination is found in only one sports bra, the Enell.

The Enell sports bras come in two styles. The regular sports bra has a tight fit and provides maximum support. It's perfect for high-impact activities. The front closure of hooks and eyes makes it easy to get in and out of and the wide elastic provides a secure, comfortable fit. A combination of encapsulation and compression holds breasts securely in place during vigorous movement and the high neckline stabilizes breasts, also reducing breast bounce. Enell also make a 'lite' version of their sports bra, designed for low and medium impact activities. With a lower cut neckline, it works perfectly under both exercise wear and everyday clothing. The power mesh material reduces breast bounce while the soft microfiber has a suede-like soft lining that is gentle again the skin. Like the high-impact Enell bra model, Enell Lite has a front closure for convenience and wide straps to distribute breast weight. Customers tell us it's comfortable enough to replace their everyday bras.

The Enell sports bra comes in several colors and ten sizes to fit most women from a 32 to a 60-inch bust measurement. Designed primarily for larger bosomed women, Enell recognizes that "physically fit" comes in all sizes!