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Why Buy Elila Lingerie?  

Elila is lingerie for full-figured and plus size women that's both supportive and stylish.

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  1. Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire BraFull Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire Bra
    Elila 2311
    Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire Bra
    239 Reviews
  2. Lace Wireless Soft-cup BraLace Wireless Soft-cup Bra
    Elila 1303
    Lace Wireless Soft-cup Bra
    202 Reviews
  3. Lace Strapless Longline Underwire BraLace Strapless Longline Underwire Bra
    Elila 6621
    Lace Strapless Longline Underwire Bra
    61 Reviews
  4. Full Coverage Wireless Soft Cup BraFull Coverage Wireless Soft Cup Bra
    Elila 1505
    Full Coverage Wireless Soft Cup Bra
    23 Reviews
  5. Long Strapless Longline Underwire BraLong Strapless Longline Underwire Bra
    Elila 6421
    Long Strapless Longline Underwire Bra
    59 Reviews
  6. Microfiber Underwire Sports BraMicrofiber Underwire Sports Bra
    Elila 2511
    Microfiber Underwire Sports Bra
    6 Reviews
  7. Molded Spacer Foam Wireless Softcup BraMolded Spacer Foam Wireless Softcup Bra
    Elila 1803
    Molded Spacer Foam Wireless Softcup Bra
    79 Reviews
  8. Balcony Underwire BraBalcony Underwire Bra
    Elila 2818
    Balcony Underwire Bra
    1 Review
  9. Cheeky Stretch Lace PantiesCheeky Stretch Lace Panties
    Elila 3311
    Cheeky Stretch Lace Panties
    98 Reviews
  10. Jacquard PantyJacquard Panty
    Elila 3405
    Jacquard Panty
    10 Reviews
  11. Embroidered Microfiber Underwire BraEmbroidered Microfiber Underwire Bra
    Elila 2401
    Embroidered Microfiber Underwire Bra
    14 Reviews
  12. Microfiber & Stretch Lace PantiesMicrofiber & Stretch Lace Panties
    Elila 3309
    Microfiber & Stretch Lace Panties
    14 Reviews
  13. Tulip Embroidered Underwire BraTulip Embroidered Underwire Bra
    Elila 2801
    Tulip Embroidered Underwire Bra
    3 Reviews
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The fashion of undergarments should not only be for the average sized woman. The full-figured and plus size woman needs a brand that can provide her with support and make her feel beautiful, too. Elila has the answer. Elila offers garments that give a feeling of support and comfort for the full-figured woman while also keeping up with high fashion and glamour. The fuller-figured woman needs and wants a special type of performance in her undergarments. Elila relies on a special support system combined with elegance and lace to dress the fuller-figured woman in intimate apparel. The elegant style is also soft and cozy. Elila has everything from full-figured softcups to bridal bustiers. Most women will be able to find the perfect size to help them feel comfortable and beautiful.

Elila was founded by Ellen Jacobson and David Hillcoat, when they decided there needed to be a garment that was not only supportive, but also luxurious. Both Jacobson and Hillcoat had extensive experience in the intimate apparel industry. Jacobson began working for The Goddess Bra Company, following in the footsteps of the women in her family. She soon found problems with the same types and sizes of bras. The problem that Jacobson and Hillcoat both realized was the full figured and plus size woman did not have the same beauty and choices as the average woman. They decided to create a line of intimate apparel with many different selections, sizes and colors for the full-figured woman. Elila was then born from a vision of fashion and functionality.

Varying by style, Elila bras begin at size A and go up to size N. They have lacy cups, front close and back support styles. Elila panties and underwear are available in sizes up to 10X. Strapless bras are also available beginning with a size B and going up to a 48I. Throughout the Elila lingerie collection you will find French lace, embroidery and microfibers. Seams are strategically placed for structural benefit and functionality of each garment. Each collection is available in many different designs and colors. Elila pays special attention to detail because the designers know what makes women feel powerful and elegant. Elila also offers special bras for women who have had a mastectomy. They recently unveiled a collection of strapless and embroidered soft cup long lines. The selection is always growing and changing to fit the needs of the everyday woman wanting to feel on top of the world.

Customers say Elila gives them outstanding support. Many say their back pain is gone due to the support from the bras. Others say the intimate apparel is different from most, by giving them something to wear that’s unique and distinct. Many customers followed Jacobson from The Goddess Bra Company to Elila because they loved the bras so much and could not find a replacement. They say they found the replacement in Elila because they offered stylish support that allowed them to be active.

Elila is giving full-figured and plus size women a way to embrace fashion by feeling comfortable and elegant in whatever they wear on top of their bras and panties. From the moment a woman slides into an Elila garment she should feel empowered and confident, yet also comfortable and relaxed as though she has nothing on at the same time.