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Why Buy Dominique Lingerie?  

This is meticulously crafted lingerie for all shapes and sizes, with a fit that feels made-to-measure. Styles include practical everyday bras, special-occasion and bridal lingerie, in B-H cups and 32-48 band sizes. Bridal lingerie, like the low-back bustier, is especially popular. Women who have a hard time finding sexy, supportive lingerie in their size now have plenty of choices.

24 Items

  1. Mystique Everyday Seamless Minimizer BraMystique Everyday Seamless Minimizer Bra
    Dominique 7000
    Mystique Everyday Seamless Minimizer Bra
    104 Reviews
  2. Jilian Everyday Wireless Minimizer BraJilian Everyday Wireless Minimizer Bra
    Dominique 6800
    Jilian Everyday Wireless Minimizer Bra
    29 Reviews
  3. Meryl Front Close Minimizer BraMeryl Front Close Minimizer Bra
    Dominique 7050
    Meryl Front Close Minimizer Bra
    2 Reviews
  4. Aimee Everyday T-Shirt BraAimee Everyday T-Shirt Bra
    Dominique 3500
    Aimee Everyday T-Shirt Bra
    29 Reviews
  5. Ariel Hidden Underwire Longline BraAriel Hidden Underwire Longline Bra
    Dominique 8541
    Ariel Hidden Underwire Longline Bra
    61 Reviews
  6. Lacee Everyday Contour T-Shirt BraLacee Everyday Contour T-Shirt Bra
    Dominique 3501
    Lacee Everyday Contour T-Shirt Bra
    1 Review
  7. Noemi Strapless Lowback Longline BraNoemi Strapless Lowback Longline Bra
    Dominique 6377
    Noemi Strapless Lowback Longline Bra
    41 Reviews
  8. Talia Front Closure Racerback BraTalia Front Closure Racerback Bra
    Dominique 3900
    Talia Front Closure Racerback Bra
    2 Reviews
  9. Zoe Pro Max Support Sports BraZoe Pro Max Support Sports Bra
    Dominique 6100
    Zoe Pro Max Support Sports Bra
    16 Reviews
  10. Laser Cut Brief PantyLaser Cut Brief Panty
    Dominique 420
    Laser Cut Brief Panty
    2 Reviews
  11. Lena Everyday Lace Minimizer BraLena Everyday Lace Minimizer Bra
    Dominique 7309
    Lena Everyday Lace Minimizer Bra
    3 Reviews
  12. Jacqueline Jacquard Lace Minimizer BraJacqueline Jacquard Lace Minimizer Bra
    Dominique 7018
    Jacqueline Jacquard Lace Minimizer Bra
    1 Review
  13. Marcelle Wire Free Soft Cup BraMarcelle Wire Free Soft Cup Bra
    Dominique 5360
    Marcelle Wire Free Soft Cup Bra
    7 Reviews
  14. Oceane Seamless Molded Convertible Strapless BraOceane Seamless Molded Convertible Strapless Bra
    Dominique 3541
    Oceane Seamless Molded Convertible Strapless Bra
    12 Reviews
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The Dominique Intimate Apparel Collection ranges from practical to elegant. The bride-to-be can find the perfect lingerie to wear under her wedding dress, the woman yearning to feel sexy can find the perfect piece and the full-figured woman can find the perfect plus size lingerie to fit her shape. Dominique collection strives to be fit, functional and elegant. Their slogan is, “The fit you won't forget.” The Dominique collection promises to be just that fit for each and every woman no matter what shape or size shopping its apparel.

Dominique lingerie has been taking the fashion world by storm for over 60 years. Styles have changed in the past five decades, but the high quality craftsmanship and materials used to make these styles have not changed and will not change. Dominique takes months to design a piece ensuring it is functional and fashionable for the modern woman. Each stitch is completed by an expert on the production team. The collection has always catered to women with special wardrobe and figure needs. The collection prides itself in the fact there is something for every woman in the Dominique collection.

One of the best selling selections in the Dominique collection is the line of bridal lingerie. The longline bustier in lacy white is a favorite among brides trying to find something practical, supportive and girly to wear under their wedding dress. Underwire and light boning help create a nice shape, and the removable garters add a touch of sexiness. Gone are the bulky corsets of old school wedding attire. The bustier can also be worn under elegant gowns as it is offered in black as well as white. The strapless bras and low-line back bras are a popular selection for the woman wanting something sexy, supportive and comfortable. The fuller-figured woman often goes for the underwire minimizer bra. Bras go up to size 44G in both longline and underwire. Women will be able to find the perfect lingerie for what fits their needs in the wide selection of the Dominique collection.

Dominique customers rave about the comfort of the lingerie. One bride said she had looked everywhere for a bustier that would not be prominent under her dress. When she came across the Dominique longline she says it fit perfect and she even forgot she had it on under her wedding dress. Other customers say the bras are great because of the lower cut that gives them cleavage. They said the bras do not move and are smooth to the touch.

The problem with lingerie can often be the search to find the perfect piece that fits your every need. Dominique offers the wide selection of bras and panties that will fit each need. Whether you want to look and feel sexy in a bra and panties or you want to shape your body under everyday clothing, Dominique provides you with the perfect fit. Every woman wants to be practical and elegant at the same time. Dominique just gives you a shortcut to that idea of perfection.