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Why Buy Cosabella Lingerie?  
Cosabella lingerie is a celebrity favorite, offering a colorful, comfortable range of diverse styles with size inclusive lingerie collections for Super Curvy, Ultra Curvy, Extended, and Beauty sizing to give every body type something beautiful.

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  1. Bella Long Sleeve Short Pajama SetBella Long Sleeve Short Pajama Set
    Cosabella abo9645
    Bella Long Sleeve Short Pajama Set
    $120.00 $96.00
  2. Abrima Curvy Tall Triangle BraletteAbrima Curvy Tall Triangle Bralette
    Cosabella abr1321
    Abrima Curvy Tall Triangle Bralette
    $130.00 $99.95
  3. Allure Hotpant PantyAllure Hotpant Panty
    Cosabella alu0771
    Allure Hotpant Panty
    $39.75 $29.95 - $31.80
  4. Allure Plunge BraletteAllure Plunge Bralette
    Cosabella alu1321
    Allure Plunge Bralette
    $95.00 $54.95
  5. Allure Curvy Plunge BraletteAllure Curvy Plunge Bralette
    Cosabella alu1322
    Allure Curvy Plunge Bralette
    $95.00 $76.00
  6. Allure Cropped Cami BraAllure Cropped Cami Bra
    Cosabella alu1511
    Allure Cropped Cami Bra
    $110.00 $59.95
  7. Allure Sleep RomperAllure Sleep Romper
    Cosabella alu2211
    Allure Sleep Romper
    $155.00 $124.00
  8. Allure Camisole and Boxer SetAllure Camisole and Boxer Set
    Cosabella alu9751
    Allure Camisole and Boxer Set
    $160.00 $128.00
  9. Bella Curvy Racerback Camisole Pant and Robe SetBella Curvy Racerback Camisole Pant and Robe Set
    Cosabella amo9862
    Bella Curvy Racerback Camisole Pant and Robe Set
    $175.00 $124.95 - $140.00
  10. Ceylon Modal Curvy BraletteCeylon Modal Curvy Bralette
    Cosabella cmd1302
    Ceylon Modal Curvy Bralette
    $85.00 $68.00
  11. Dolce G-StringDolce G-String
    Cosabella dlc0221
    Dolce G-String
    8 Reviews
    $19.75 $15.80
  12. Dolce Low Rise ThongDolce Low Rise Thong
    Cosabella dlc0321
    Dolce Low Rise Thong
    7 Reviews
    $26.00 $20.80
  13. Dolce Boyshort PantyDolce Boyshort Panty
    Cosabella dlc0741
    Dolce Boyshort Panty
    11 Reviews
    $36.00 $24.95 - $28.80
  14. Dolce Soft BraDolce Soft Bra
    Cosabella dlc1301
    Dolce Soft Bra
    9 Reviews
    $69.75 $39.95 - $55.80
  15. Dolce Curvy BraletteDolce Curvy Bralette
    Cosabella dlc1310
    Dolce Curvy Bralette
    1 Review
    $85.00 $49.95 - $68.00
  16. Dolce Thong - 3 PackDolce Thong - 3 Pack
    Cosabella dlp3321
    Dolce Thong - 3 Pack
    $65.00 $52.00
  17. Evolved Bandeau BraEvolved Bandeau Bra
    Cosabella evl1311
    Evolved Bandeau Bra
    $59.00 $44.95
  18. Evolution Comfy Boybrief PantyEvolution Comfy Boybrief Panty
    Cosabella evo0733
    Evolution Comfy Boybrief Panty
    1 Review
    $42.00 $33.60
  19. Evolution Underwire Strapless BraEvolution Underwire Strapless Bra
    Cosabella evo1111
    Evolution Underwire Strapless Bra
    $89.75 $71.80
  20. Evolution Soft BraEvolution Soft Bra
    Cosabella evo1301
    Evolution Soft Bra
    $79.00 $62.95
  21. Evolution Curvy Soft BraEvolution Curvy Soft Bra
    Cosabella evo1303
    Evolution Curvy Soft Bra
    1 Review
    $99.75 $59.95 - $79.80
  22. Free Cut Micro Low Rise Thong PantyFree Cut Micro Low Rise Thong Panty
    Cosabella fcm0321
    Free Cut Micro Low Rise Thong Panty
    $26.00 $20.80
  23. Free Cut High Waist ThongFree Cut High Waist Thong
    Cosabella fcm0361
    Free Cut High Waist Thong
    $28.00 $22.40
  24. Free Cut Micro Hotpant PantyFree Cut Micro Hotpant Panty
    Cosabella fcm0721
    Free Cut Micro Hotpant Panty
    $32.00 $25.60
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Cosabella means, very appropriately, "beautiful thing." A family-owned company founded in 1983, Cosabella designs and produces lovely lingerie. Founders Ugo and Valeria Campello introduced their iconic bodysuit in the 1980s. Thirty years later, a second generation of Campellos, Silvia and Guido, are at the helm of the company. Cosabella's design headquarters are in Miami, while production is in Italy. This marriage of American innovation and Italian artistry has inspired a devoted following in women worldwide, and stays true to its Italian roots. 

Cosabella lingerie is known for colorful sheer mesh bra and panty styles that are so light and airy, they provide a comfortable yet fashionable fit. Aside from creating stylish lingerie choices, Cosabella also brings women a wide variety of apparel, sleep, slips and loungewear options that are comfortable and made with quality care. Well-known Cosabella Collections include Ceylon, Never Say Never and Soire, among others.

The Never Say Never collection features gorgeous, opulent floral lace with a scalloped edge that lies flat and is gentle against the skin. Eighty-two fashion colors are available in wireless, bandeau, racerback and push-up bras. Panties include hotpants, minikinis, bikinis, thongs and g-strings. Camisoles, babydolls and other apparel are also available. 

The Soire microfiber mesh collection stretches for comfort and is softer than ever, as well as 50 percent lighter than the original mesh. Soire's new construction is designed to lie flat and provide a light, airy, barely there look and feel. 

Regarding sizing and fit, Cosabella uses European sizing – so thongs tend to run small. There are One Size (O/S) selections for sizes 0-14, and three other sizing options: S/M, M/L and L/XL. If you are not sure which size to select, we suggest sizing up. In addition, Cosabella says that L/XL will fit sizes 12-18.