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Why Buy Cortland Intimates?  
Cortland Intimates, now a division of Rago Foundations, has been making women's foundations since 1928 and has thrived for 90 years, continuously innovating with new shapewear fabrics and construction techniques. Full figure bras are a Cortland Intimates specialty, as well as posture improving styles, shaping briefs and body briefs.

13 Items

  1. Back Support Longline BraBack Support Longline Bra
    Cortland Intimates 9603
    Back Support Longline Bra
    7 Reviews
  2. Full Figure Wireless Seamed Cup BraFull Figure Wireless Seamed Cup Bra
    Cortland Intimates 7102
    Full Figure Wireless Seamed Cup Bra
    10 Reviews
  3. Back Support Front Close BraBack Support Front Close Bra
    Cortland Intimates 9605
    Back Support Front Close Bra
    6 Reviews
  4. Full Figure Underwire Seamed Cup BraFull Figure Underwire Seamed Cup Bra
    Cortland Intimates 7101
    Full Figure Underwire Seamed Cup Bra
    16 Reviews
  5. Soft Cup Printed Comfort Body BrieferSoft Cup Printed Comfort Body Briefer
    Cortland Intimates 8601
    Soft Cup Printed Comfort Body Briefer
    1 Review
  6. Plus Shaping TorsettePlus Shaping Torsette
    Cortland Intimates 9609x
    Plus Shaping Torsette
  7. Full Figure Seamless Minimizer BraFull Figure Seamless Minimizer Bra
    Cortland Intimates 7117
    Full Figure Seamless Minimizer Bra
    6 Reviews
  8. Belly Band Brief PantyBelly Band Brief Panty
    Cortland Intimates 4210
    Belly Band Brief Panty
  9. Waist Nipper GirdleWaist Nipper Girdle
    Cortland Intimates 6619
    Waist Nipper Girdle
  10. Posture Support Shoulder BracePosture Support Shoulder Brace
    Cortland Intimates 3002
    Posture Support Shoulder Brace
    2 Reviews
  11. Full Figure Cotton Lining BraFull Figure Cotton Lining Bra
    Cortland Intimates 7224
    Full Figure Cotton Lining Bra
    1 Review
  12. Shaping TorsetteShaping Torsette
    Cortland Intimates 9609
    Shaping Torsette
    2 Reviews
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Cortland Intimates

Cortland Intimates was historically known as Cortland Corset Company and was founded in 1928. One of HerRoom's longest standing shapewear suppliers, Rago Foundations, has assimilated Cortland Intimates as a division of their operation, and their new acquisition is sure to benefit from Rago's expert financial, marketing and product development expertise. Cortland Intimates' shaping garments are constructed from the highest quality of fabrics and hardware, and are sewn with care at both US and overseas professional sewing facilities. All procedures are overseen so that you receive products which have been made with ethical treatment of employees and their safety in mind. 

HerRoom is carrying an impressive number of Cortland Intimates' products, including full figure bras with and without underwires, with cotton lining, minimizers, front close with back support, posture enhancing shoulder braces, shaping torsettes you can wear with your own choice of bras, and longline bras with back support. Other styles include high waist shaping briefs and body briefers

HerRoom is pleased to bring Cortland Intimates into their impressive selections of full figure bras and shapers, and know you will be too.