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Why Buy Berkshire leggings & Hosiery?  

Berkshire may be your legs' best friend. Much of their hosiery is specially crafted with high-quality spandex that won't lose its shape. The brand is known for fit, whether petite, plus-size or anything in between. Berkshire hose is designed with special attention to fit and shape. It's well-constructed hosiery that doesn't sag or wrinkle. All in the right fit, the right look and at the right price.

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  1. French Lace Thigh High StockingsFrench Lace Thigh High Stockings
    Berkshire 1363
    French Lace Thigh High Stockings
    30 Reviews
  2. Ultra Sheer Plus Size Control Top PantyhoseUltra Sheer Plus Size Control Top Pantyhose
    Berkshire 4411
    Ultra Sheer Plus Size Control Top Pantyhose
    5 Reviews
  3. Queen All Day SheersQueen All Day Sheers
    Berkshire 4416
    Queen All Day Sheers
    1 Review
  4. Ultra Sheer Control Top Sheer Toe PantyhoseUltra Sheer Control Top Sheer Toe Pantyhose
    Berkshire 4415
    Ultra Sheer Control Top Sheer Toe Pantyhose
    13 Reviews
  5. All Day Sheer Thigh HighAll Day Sheer Thigh High
    Berkshire 1590b
    All Day Sheer Thigh High
    15 Reviews
  6. Lace Top StockingLace Top Stocking
    Berkshire 1361
    Lace Top Stocking
    11 Reviews
  7. Plus Size Silky Sheer Control PantyhosePlus Size Silky Sheer Control Pantyhose
    Berkshire 4489
    Plus Size Silky Sheer Control Pantyhose
    7 Reviews
  8. Lace Garter HoseLace Garter Hose
    Berkshire 4909
    Lace Garter Hose
    8 Reviews
  9. Plus Size Silky Sheer Support PantyhosePlus Size Silky Sheer Support Pantyhose
    Berkshire 4417
    Plus Size Silky Sheer Support Pantyhose
    15 Reviews
  10. Ultra Sheer Control Top Toeless Panty HoseUltra Sheer Control Top Toeless Panty Hose
    Berkshire 5115
    Ultra Sheer Control Top Toeless Panty Hose
    14 Reviews
  11. Ultra Sheer Control Top PantyhoseUltra Sheer Control Top Pantyhose
    Berkshire 4419
    Ultra Sheer Control Top Pantyhose
    1 Review
  12. Shimmers Opaque TightsShimmers Opaque Tights
    Berkshire 4943
    Shimmers Opaque Tights
    2 Reviews
  13. Shimmer Leg Thigh HighShimmer Leg Thigh High
    Berkshire 1340
    Shimmer Leg Thigh High
    4 Reviews
  14. Luxe Opaque Tights with Control TopLuxe Opaque Tights with Control Top
    Berkshire 4741
    Luxe Opaque Tights with Control Top
    8 Reviews
  15. Silky Extra Wear Control PantyhoseSilky Extra Wear Control Pantyhose
    Berkshire 4428
    Silky Extra Wear Control Pantyhose
    1 Review
  16. Easy On Plus Size Cooling TightsEasy On Plus Size Cooling Tights
    Berkshire 5035
    Easy On Plus Size Cooling Tights
    2 Reviews
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Berkshire has been a leading name in hosiery since 1906. Berkshire Hosiery uses a sewing and shaping technique that provides for extremely well-fitting and comfortable pantyhose, stockings and knee-highs.

Berkshire hosiery products use a hand-sewn, shaped panel in some of their lines, including Berkshire queen-size pantyhose, providing styles that fit right and are comfortable even in the largest sizes. Their control-top pantyhose is fabricated from a high-quality spandex that offers more control than other pantyhose brands.

Materials are chosen for their quality, and their in-house design team is recognized as an industry leader. Designs, especially for larger sizes are not simply bigger versions of average sizes. Berkshire's Plus-Size hosiery offers construction specifically designed to provide the best possible fit for larger women.

Over the years the Berkshire hosiery product line has expanded to include fishnet pantyhose and thigh-highs, stockings, opaque tights, crochet pantyhose and thigh-highs, knee-highs, and maternity light-support hosiery. You'll find almost any color you're looking for as well. Along with ivories, beiges, white, and black, some styles are offered in silvery gray, chocolate, and navy. Sexy seamed lace top stockings are also available in sizzling red.

One of Berkshire's standout benefits is the fit. We repeatedly hear how well their products fit, whether thigh highs, pantyhose, footless tights, or knee highs. Thigh highs are notorious for sliding down; not so with Berkshire. They offer many styles of thigh-high stockings too, from lace tops to shimmery legs to textured ones. Thigh-high stockings come in sizes to fit most women, including queen sizes. All the Berkshire legwear is designed to conform to your shape--no sagging, bagging, or wrinkling around the ankles.

Berkshire pantyhose, stockings, and tights keep their shape beautifully, all day long. Tights are available in many styles, including opaque, control-top, striped, footless tights, and cold-weather cozy tights. Customers say they're very soft and priced very affordably. Berkshire's pantyhose sets an industry standard for fit and style. Whether you're looking for everyday basics, like sheer control tops, or fun, decorative styles, you'll find pantyhose to suit you. Some styles are offered in a high-quality fishnet. Other decorative styles include shimmer leg, pointelle patterns, sheers with metallic accents, and crochet-style patterned pantyhose. There is a Berkshire style for all of your hosiery needs.

Berkshire also serves the maternity market with light support and opaque pantyhose. The light support style has a pretty lace tummy panel that will expand with your body. We're told they're extremely comfortable, too, and hold up very well.

Founded in 1906, in the era of silk stockings, Berkshire became a national brand in the post-World War II years with the introduction of nylon. The company was purchased in 1977 by Meyer Hosiery Company, a family owned business. Today, Berkshire remains a family company and continues a decades-long tradition of fine hosiery.