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Why Buy Amanda Rich Sleepwear?  

Building on the tradition and loyal customers, Amanda Rich nightgowns are known for their flowing, graceful fit, ultra-soft fabrics, and fresh colorful designs. Sizing runs from XS-2X in gowns made of lightweight nylon tricot, cotton lawn, and luxurious satin. Also included, are caftans, cozy robes and bed jackets. These are feminine, comfortable, and flattering pieces for every season, and all products are proudly made in the USA.

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  1. Button Front Satin Bed JacketButton Front Satin Bed Jacket
    Amanda Rich 401qbj
    Button Front Satin Bed Jacket
    2 Reviews
  2. Bias Cut Satin T-Shirt GownBias Cut Satin T-Shirt Gown
    Amanda Rich 412-40
    Bias Cut Satin T-Shirt Gown
    28 Reviews
  3. Long Sleeve Ankle Length GownLong Sleeve Ankle Length Gown
    Amanda Rich 107-sh
    Long Sleeve Ankle Length Gown
    3 Reviews
  4. Cap Sleeve Ankle Length GownCap Sleeve Ankle Length Gown
    Amanda Rich 150-sh
    Cap Sleeve Ankle Length Gown
    4 Reviews
  5. Satin Banded Sleeve Long GownSatin Banded Sleeve Long Gown
    Amanda Rich 103-40
    Satin Banded Sleeve Long Gown
    1 Review
  6. Short Sleeve Knee Length NightgownShort Sleeve Knee Length Nightgown
    Amanda Rich 146-sh
    Short Sleeve Knee Length Nightgown
    2 Reviews
  7. Lace Cap Ankle Length GownLace Cap Ankle Length Gown
    Amanda Rich 105-sh
    Lace Cap Ankle Length Gown
    4 Reviews
  8. Velour Zip Front RobeVelour Zip Front Robe
    Amanda Rich 607-37
    Velour Zip Front Robe
    6 Reviews
  9. Tricot Bed Jacket With LaceTricot Bed Jacket With Lace
    Amanda Rich ar152
    Tricot Bed Jacket With Lace
    3 Reviews
  10. 9Satin Bias Cut Short Gown9Satin Bias Cut Short Gown
    Amanda Rich 561d-40
    9Satin Bias Cut Short Gown
    2 Reviews
  11. Satin Long Gown with Flutter SleeveSatin Long Gown with Flutter Sleeve
    Amanda Rich 209-40
    Satin Long Gown with Flutter Sleeve
    4 Reviews
  12. Lace Cap Knee Length GownLace Cap Knee Length Gown
    Amanda Rich 106-sh
    Lace Cap Knee Length Gown
    2 Reviews
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Amanda Rich

The Amanda Rich nightgown and robe story began in Hollywood in the 1950s. There, Lucie Ann of Beverly Hills was the lingerie designer to the stars. The Amanda Rich nightgowns were worn by glamorous stars on the movie screen and on television. She chose luxurious sheer fabrics and voluminous designs for the peignoirs, negligees, flowing robes, gowns and loungewear so popular with glamorous stars of that era. Her line included quilted satin robes, bed jackets, and caftans that were a must-have sleepwear for such stars as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Loretta Young and Elizabeth Taylor. In the '70s, Eva Gabor chose the designer to dress her in lingerie for the popular "Green Acres" television series.

Lucie Ann's untimely death left the company adrift, and finally the manufacturer's doors closed. But requests for the beautiful lingerie continued from the loyal Lucie Ann customers. Finally, her heirs, the Rich family, eventually decided to re-launch the line. Newer fabrics and finishes, and many new designs were incorporated, but many of the time-tested core favorites reappeared. The newer colors, trims and prints are all Amanda Rich.

Today the company is headed by Jane Hall, as a division of Carlton Hall, Inc. All Amanda Rich garments are manufactured in the United States and closely supervised from design all the way through production. The product line includes a variety of knee-length gowns, long gowns, strappy, short sleeved and long sleeve gowns. Nightgowns come in lovely feminine colors like raspberry, sky blue, mint and petal pink as well as black. While the fabrics are somewhat different from the original 1950's materials, the new fabrics, such as finely woven microfiber, are breathable, with a delicate light hand.

Customers love how beautifully the fabric flows as well as how soft and cool the gowns are. Customers are fiercely loyal to the brand, often buying several nightgowns at once and re-ordering time after time. Those who are new to Amanda Rich gowns will find themselves loving the flattering fit, gentle drape, and softness of the material. The company comes out with fresh new designs often, such as flattering ruffle-neck gowns and sensuous satin and charmeuse bias-cut or tee-shirt-styled gowns.

Jane Carlton Hall has become a well-known figure in the design world. She was selected as one of Houston's top Women on the Move and she has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Houston Museum of Fine Art, among other organizations. She is also committed to mentoring students in the fashion design world and currently oversees a program dedicated to offering scholarships to promising high school and college students.

Jane Hall proudly offers the soft, flowing lines, the drape and the sweep that made the Lucie Ann label such an enormous hit from Hollywood to New York. Glamour still sells! See a selection of the Amanda Rich line at, the number one woman-owned online lingerie retailer in America.