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  1. Extreme Silicone Breast PetalsExtreme Silicone Breast Petals
    Fashion Forms 16555
    Extreme Silicone Breast Petals
    6 Reviews
  2. Silicone Skin BraSilicone Skin Bra
    Fashion Forms 16544
    Silicone Skin Bra
  3. Silicone Lift Nipple CoversSilicone Lift Nipple Covers
    Magic Bodyfashion 35lc
    Silicone Lift Nipple Covers
    4 Reviews
  4. Ultimate Silicone Gel PetalsUltimate Silicone Gel Petals
    Fashion Forms 16556
    Ultimate Silicone Gel Petals
    27 Reviews
  5. Full Figure Gel PetalsFull Figure Gel Petals
    Fashion Forms 16558
    Full Figure Gel Petals
    5 Reviews
  6. Breast PetalsBreast Petals
    Fashion Forms 555
    Breast Petals
    4 Reviews
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Nipple Covers

Nipple Covers

A thoughtful selection of adhesive adn non-adhesive covers.

Nipple cover lingerie styles feature those that really are functional and hide nipples under clothing, and decorative, flashy ones that cover the nipples but are not at all shy about showing off "the girls."

There are adhesive decorative nipple cover styles that are round or petal-shaped which adhere smoothly to the skin so they aren't noticed under your clothes, some with breast lifting capabilities. And then there are silicone covers that adhere when moistened. Silicone styles come in flesh-toned colors for a natural look.

The decorative "pasties" nipple covers are meant to be seen and many have sequined, shiny and metallic surfaces and tassels, perfect to wear with an open cup bra for a tantalizing look. Nip the "high beam" problem in the bud, or show off your girls proudly - these functional and fun lingerie accessories are all available at HerRoom.