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Shadowline Silhouette 53" Gown 31737
Shadowline 31737 Silhouette 53" Gown
$44.00 - $50.00Reviews Shadowline 31737 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Oscar De La Renta Lace PJ Set 689852
Oscar De La Renta 689852 Lace PJ Set$78.00Available up to 3X
Shadowline Petals 53" Gown 32280
Shadowline 32280 Petals 53" Gown
$38.00 - $40.00Reviews Shadowline 32280 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Petals Short Sleeve Gown 36280
Shadowline 36280 Petals Short Sleeve Gown
$34.00 - $36.00Reviews Shadowline 36280 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Petals 53" Long Sleeve Gown 33280
Shadowline 33280 Petals 53" Long Sleeve Gown
$40.00 - $42.00Reviews Shadowline 33280 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Silhouette 53" Gown 32737
Shadowline 32737 Silhouette 53" Gown
$44.00 - $48.00Reviews Shadowline 32737 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Silhouette 54" Coat 71737
Shadowline 71737 Silhouette 54" Coat
$54.00 - $60.00Reviews Shadowline 71737 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Beloved Sleeveless Long Gown 31275
Shadowline 31275 Beloved Sleeveless Long Gown
$44.00 - $48.00Reviews Shadowline 31275 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Charmeuse Sleep Gown 4503
Shadowline 4503 Charmeuse Sleep Gown
$35.00 - $40.00Reviews Shadowline 4503 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Petals Embroidered Yoke Coat 77280
Shadowline 77280 Petals Embroidered Yoke Coat
$42.00 - $44.00Reviews Shadowline 77280 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Princess Wide Strap Camisole 2410
Shadowline 2410 Princess Wide Strap Camisole
$14.00 - $16.00Reviews Shadowline 2410 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Petals Pajama Set 76280
Shadowline 76280 Petals Pajama Set
$46.00 - $48.00Reviews Shadowline 76280 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Petals 54" Coat 71280
Shadowline 71280 Petals 54" Coat
$47.00 - $49.00Reviews Shadowline 71280 reviewsPlus Sizes Available
Shadowline Silhouette Gown 36737
Shadowline 36737 Silhouette Gown
$42.00 - $46.00Reviews Shadowline 36737 reviewsPlus Sizes Available

Women's Sleepwear

No longer is it just nightgowns, chemises, pajamas and bathrobes. Women now sleep in everything from boyfriends boxers to camisoles and boy shorts. You still have your traditional women's pajamas, and nighties - these are sleep wear staples. However, women are now branching off into more comfortable and/or sexy sleepwear areas. On the comfortable side you have soft cotton knit sleep wear and loungewear that you could sleep in or feel comfortable wearing if you had to answer the door. On the sexy side you have sexy gowns that are sheer, clingy, embellished with lace trim, very short, and worn with thongs. And the baby doll lingerie category has become very popular.

You may have wondered where the terms pajamas, negligee, chemise and baby doll lingerie came from to describe various women's sleepwear garments. Well, here's a brief history.

The word pajamas was the name given to a loose and lightweight drawstring trouser worn in South and West Asia. The name was picked up in Britain when such pants and a tailored loose top were combined into a sleepwear garment. The 50's TV shows showing couples in single beds also showed them completely covered up in pajamas in order to let a bedroom scenes pass the sensors scrutiny. Today, pajamas are affectionately referred to as pjs.

In French, negligee meant "careless" or "neglected." This word transitioned to mean an informal gown of soft sheer fabric to be worn by women at home. Back when tight corseted clothing was common, women would take an afternoon rest by removing their corsets and slipping into a loose-fitting negligee. Over the years, this term has evolved and now means a woman's sheer, loose nightgown or dressing gown.

The word chemise is actually the original word given to underwear garments. Back when fabrics were not as soft, a chemise was a one piece loose hanging garment worn underneath to provide protection and padding from the outer garment. Chemises were much easier to clean than the outer garments, so it was common to have several chemises and rotate them between washings. Today the word chemise has evolved to mean a short a-line sleepwear nightgown.

Ladies Sleepwear Today:

  When you think of women's sleepwear today, items like nightgowns, cotton nighties and women's pajamas are immediate thoughts. But there are several variations. Take the nightgown. A women's nightgown can be hip-length to floor length. Nightgowns can be full as in our Amanda Rich nightgowns fashioned after the famous Lucie Ann nightgowns of the 1950's. They can also be straight with slits like our Hanro and Fernando Sanchez and Natori nighties.

As for women's pajamas, they can now be short sleeve or sleeveless like the Oscar de la Renta pajamas. Cotton pajamas are the norm like with our P-jamas and Hanro pajamas. But Vanity Fair pajamas made in nylon are a classic. The pajama style is a classic one, but there are sexy pajamas out there as well.

As mentioned above, the babydoll in women's sleepwear has been very popular. Its popularity stems from the fact that it's short and usually teamed up with a thong to make for very sexy sleepwear. Baby doll lingerie is not going away any time soon. HerRoom carries baby doll sets by Dreamgirl and Rhonda Shear.

Plus Size Sleepwear:

  HerRoom has worked very hard to create a plus-size sleepwear collection. For some reason, most manufacturers don't consider that full figure women need plus-size sleepwear. We're excited about our Rhonda Shear sleepwear. Rhonda Shear has put shelf sleepwear into sleepwear to give breasts some support when sleeping. This plus size sleepwear line also goes up to size 3X. Read our customer reviews. Rhonda Shear sleepwear is creating quite a following.

Robes and Bathrobes:

  A robe just isn't a robe. When it comes to robes, there are several types. For example, spa robes are the soft white terry cloth robes that you put on to get dry or to feel warm. Bathrobes or bath robes are any robe you want to put on when getting out of a tub or shower. Kimono robes can be a silk robe or satin robe with long full sleeves and a wrap design. And of course there is that comfortable flannel bathrobe that always makes you feel better even if you happen to be under the weather.

Caftans are robes but without the wrap design. Very popular are front zip caftans which can be stepped into and quickly put. A caftan is a great travel outfit. It doubles as a robe or as an outfit. And, women with limited dexterity can easily put them on. Moroccan caftans slip on over the head and generally have embroidery or embellishment. They also tend to be made in lively colors and prints. Natori, Amanda Rich and Oscar de la Renta make fabulous caftans.

HerRoom carries a great selection of robes and bathrobes. Fernando Sanchez robes come in both kimono and wrap styles with great colors. Josie Natori is famous for her beautiful women's sleepwear and robes. In fact, Natori makes beautiful matching nightgown and robe sets as does Fernando Sanchez and Oscar de la Renta. Beautiful silk robes are made by Mary Green. Hanro cotton robes are classic and glamorous coming in long and shorter versions. If you are looking for a more youthful robe, P-Jamas has great soft and comfortable wrap robes. Natori also came up with the marshmallow wrap robe that when you see it makes you want to shed all your clothes and jump inside.

Women's sleepwear as you can see is diverse in terms of silhouette and lifestyle. A new sleepwear category to arrive has been wicking sleepwear. Designed for women entering menopause, wicking sleepwear moves night sweat away from your body. The result is a comfortable night's sleep. Wicking J is just such a line. Silhouettes in this line include nightgowns, pajamas, pjs, and short sleeve top and boxer set.

Sleepwear makes a great gift, and we offer free shipping. So, stock up!

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