Classify Your Breasts: Apex (Nipple Direction). Expert Bra Fitting Advice by Tomima Edmark
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Classifying Your Apex (Nipple) Direction For Bra Fit

Apex (Nipple) Direction

The apex (nipple) of your breasts can basically point in 3 directions: forward, downward and outward. All three directions are a very common occurrence. Downward pointing apex is usually a sign that the breasts are pendulous. Outward pointing apex can be an indication that your breasts are also splayed and/or you have a distended high tummy. However, you can also have outward pointing apex without any of these other attributes.

Forward Pointing Apex

This archetypical breast shape is just that – the standard. The breasts are full and round coming to a small point at the nipple. This is the shape most sought-after, and the shape most bra manufacturers use when designing new bra designs. Most women with breast implants have this breast shape.

Bra Suggestions:
  • All bra styles on the market fit this breast shape.

Outward Pointing Apex

This apex direction can be easily turned into forward pointing apexes with the correct bra style.

Bra Suggestions:
  • Bras with side support slings can easily push the breast to the front and center.
  • Bras with a narrow center panel can create a forward apex effect.
  • Bra cups made with rigid rather than stretch fabrics will give you your best shape.
  • Look for bras designed with closer apex points. This is simple to see if there are seams in the bra cups. Without seams, you can place a bra’s cups up on a table and look to see where the manufacturer has created the apex point. But, figuring their location out without actually putting on the bra can be a challenge.
  • Avoid soft cup bras with no structure (Pull-over, seamless, no formal cup), molded stretchy bra cups where the apex points are not specifically designed forward pointing, and bandeau and shelf bra styles. All of these bra styles will allow your breasts to wonder east/west.

Downward Pointing Apex

When your breast apex are pointing downward, this is a clear sign that your breasts are also pendulous along with upper breast tissue that is shallow or deflated.

Bra Suggestions:
  • Bras where the cups are made from many pieces (cut & sew, 3-part bra cups, etc.) and thus have seams. These will give the best support and create a round shape out of your breasts.
  • Full coverage bra cup designs. They will help give you a fuller look in the upper breast.
  • Contour cup bra (cups with a thin layer of foam in the cups) will give you a full rounded look.
  • Avoid pull-over bras and bras with little structure to them. They will not give you shape
  • Bras where the cups are a stretchy fabric should be avoided - your breasts will not have a nice shape in any of these types.
  • Shelf bras and bandeau style bras have little support and will thus not give your breasts a nice shape.
  • Bras with a plunging center lack central support so could create fit and support issues for you. If you need one for a special occasion, look for a plunge bra with seamed cups.


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