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Hanky Panky 4911 Signature Lace Low Rise Thong
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What is sexy lingerie? It's the lingerie that make you look and feel sexy. It can be an elegant gown and robe set, or fun and flirty sheer babydolls. And, it doesn't matter your size. There are plus size sexy lingerie choices as well. When it comes to sexy underwear, HerRoom definitely has your sexy lingerie style.

Lingerie is sexy on many levels. First, it rests right next to your skin, so you absolutely feel it. Next, it's usually worn under clothing, so only you know what you're wearing. Finally, lingerie can make you feel sexy without anyone knowing why. A silky thong, or an animal print bra can give you sexual confidence simply because of the cut or fabric.

Sexy lingerie is also in the eye of the beholder. Some find sheer lingerie to be sexy. While others find silk panties and garter belts the ultimate. More extreme sexy lingerie can include crotchless panties and edible underwear. So, sexy lingerie is truly a very individual choice.

There are some lingerie items that unanimously qualify as being in the sexy lingerie category. They are garter belts, g-strings, baby doll lingerie, shelf bras, crotchless panties, edible underwear and sexy panties.

Garter Belts

- A garter belt is basically a belt of varying widths and designs with the ultimate goal of holding up stockings. Usually two or more garters hang from the belt which stockings are attached to. Though women found them a necessary item to wear, men, for whatever reason, find them incredibly sexy and can't get enough of seeing them. Of course women aren't clueless. Once this was discovered, women quickly went into action and the demand for garter belts soared and had never really topped out.

So, what is it about the garter belt and its sex appeal? Some have speculated that the whole look of garters, belt and stockings is a soft peddling of bondage. Others have speculated that men fantasize about taking them off a woman or better yet, having their way with a woman while she is still wearing all of it. Whatever the reason, garter belts are here to stay.

The origin of the word garter belt comes from the medieval word garter. A garter is the same garter as those found on a bride's leg. However, back in medieval times a garter was used to keep up the stockings of both men and women. It was a natural transition to then call the item that kept stockings up that attached around the waist a garter belt.

At HerRoom, we have a very selective collection. We have utilitarian garter belts by Rago that hold up stockings and also provide Shapewear support. We have garter belts that are part of a bra and panty set by Chantelle, Simone Perele and Jezebel. And we have simple and basic garter belts by Shirley of Hollywood and DKNY. Since garter belts tend to have a lot of adjustability, many garter belts can be a sexy lingerie addition to the plus size woman's lingerie wardrobe as well.


- A g-string is a type of panty, similar to a thong, but with a small front area connected with a thin, elastic string up the back and around the waist leaving a woman's derriere totally exposed. Originally this garment was the darling for strippers and loose women. However, with the popularity of thongs, g-strings have gained wide popularity and acceptance among the masses.

It's obvious why a g-sting is considered a piece of sexy lingerie. Anyone who is turned on by a woman's backside will find a g-sting exciting and alluring. However, a g-string is also a practical lingerie piece - it is the ultimate item to wear if one is trying to avoid panty lines.

The origin of the term "garter" is not certain. The first mention dates back to the 1800's to describe a loincloth type item worn by Philippines' natives. It was called a "geestring." However, another thought is that the g-string is a reference to the g-string on a musical string instrument. Finally, some feel the "G" is simply short for groin since the string of the garment goes around the groin area.

Baby doll Lingerie

- The babydoll silhouette is very sexy and very popular. Its a very short dress that teases by exposing the wearer's panties with every move. The sexy babydoll name comes from the 1956 movie "Baby Doll" written by Tennessee Williams in which a virginal 19 year-old wore the style. Baby doll lingerie is not going away any time soon. HerRoom carries baby doll sets by Dreamgirl, Betsy Johnson and Rhonda Shear.

However, the sexy baby doll style has it's origin in, of all things, the bed jacket. These jackets were extremely feminine looking, trimmed in lace and ribbon, and looked more like a cape. They came about 6 inches above the knee and had a very full cut. Women wore them in the evening before bed, or in bed to keep them warm while reading. The "Baby Doll" movie transitioned this style into the sexy baby doll lingerie style you see today.

Baby doll lingerie today is extremely sexy. Its short hemline exposes the legs and lower bottom. The empire waistline and low neckline draws attention to the breasts and exposes them. Most often a baby doll lingerie piece is sold as a set with a matching thong or panties. Everyone is now offering baby doll lingerie silhouettes - from Shirley of Hollywood to La Perla. The silhouette can now be found in fine lingerie collections. So, baby doll lingerie will continue to be popular a popular form of fine sexy lingerie for years to come.

One final comment about baby dolls. Today, the term babydoll or baby doll can also mean a short dress with an empire waistline and full skirt. Worn with tights and heels, it's both a sweet and provocative look.

Sexy Shelf Bras

- There are two types of bras that are called shelf bras. A built-in bra or extra fabric panel over the breasts with elastic along the bottom found in camisoles or dresses is called a shelf bra. Since we are talking about sexy lingerie, we want to talk about the sexy shelf bra. This shelf bra, also called a chopper bra, is an underwire bra with either no cups or very small cups. The point of a shelf bra is to expose the wearer's nipples. The shelf bra has been a popular garment worn by exotic dancers for years. Because of its minimal support, the shelf bra has been worn by the average breast-sized woman. However, Shirley of Hollywood and others now make sexy plus size lingerie that includes shelf bras or chopper bras. Now, this brings up a very good point: shelf bras are not designed to be worn for everyday wear. The shelf bra is a fun and sexy piece of lingerie that is not meant to be worn for its shock value. Hence, women of all breast sizes can wear this style and look sexy in it… but just not all day.

Crotchless Panties

- Okay, here we go... a conversation about crotchless panties. Crotchless panties are any panty, thong or boyshort with an opening in the crotch. They are worn for the sole purpose of arousing your partner. And no, they should not be worn as an every day panty.

Though the thong has dethroned the crotchless pantie as the sexiest panty styles, the crotchless panty really is the sexier of the two. Crotchless panties are usually found in sex stores, or in very small supply in some lingerie shops - and then behind the counter. They cost on average just slightly more than your basic cotton thong. The good news is that we at HerRoom have spent the time to bring you the best choices on the market today.

Crotchless panties are quite cleverly designed with clever details to obscure their openings. When put on, crotchless panties look like normal bikinis or thongs. But upon inspection, the crotch panel is either missing or has a slit going from front to back. These slits vary in length, and many times will have little bows to keep the panty together. The bows can be untied to allow the slit more flexibility.

Crotchless panties now come in thong and boyshort styles as well. Embellishment is the attraction with crotchless panties, and most have elaborate lace ruffles, corset-like ties, bows and ribbon rosettes. Our collection at HerRoom may not be extensive, but we are very selective about bringing you the best and the prettiest. Nicely designed and made crotchless panties are hard to find. We also give extensive descriptions and measuring details to help you make your selections. A fun and sexy panty that's guaranteed to become the prelude to a sexy and steamy evening.

Edible Underwear

- The ultimate sexy lingerie gag gift is edible underwear. Basically edible underwear is taking some kind of edible material like licorice, taffy, gelatin, or other candy and either molding or sewing it together to create some kind of panty or thong. The thinking behind edible underwear is that sexual activity will be enhanced by undressing your partner with your mouth. The reality is that this whole notion can be very sticky and messy, not to mention causing possible yeast infections. This is why edible underwear is more a joke than a reality.

Believe it or not, there are two inventors claiming ownership of the edible underwear idea - David Sanderson and Lee Brady. A late night conversation back in 1975 over an English slang term "eat my shorts!" was the topic of conversation. Eventually, they started the company Cosmorotics, Inc. to manufacture and market edible underwear under the name "candypants". This outrageous notion was picked up by the press, and the rest is history. Today, the only place to really find edible underwear is in sex shops.

Sexy panties

- Tyra Banks got it right when she declared that the smaller the panties, the sexier and slimmer you'll look. Even if you wear plus size lingerie, skimpy panties will have you looking thinner and sexier. So, what are sexy panties? Once again, it's in the eye of the beholder. There are men who love sexy silk panties or sheer panties. Others like lacy and ruffled panties. And of course, thongs and g-strings are the very definition of sexy panties. Since sexy panties are meant to please the man in your life, ask for his preferences and then stock up.

When if comes to sexy lingerie, HerRoom offers a large selection of sexy plus size lingerie as well. Many of our products come in plus sizes, and we have set up a special department just for size lingerie shopping. And unlike other sites, we rarely charge extra for plus sizes.

Our final point about sexy lingerie; remember to cover up just enough to leave something to the imagination. A bit of mystery is definitely sexier than revealing everything at once. Try a baby doll with a garter and stockings, and then slowly take each piece off. Now that's sexy!

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