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Tomima Edmark - Lingerie ExpertTomima's Bra Fitting Tip: "You're a smart person. Since you'll be wearing the bras, you're better off taking a few minutes to understand what a perfect fitting bra should look and feel like, and recognize the signs if your bra is the wrong size for you."

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Tomima's Bra Fitting Secrets

One thing I've learned at HerRoom over the years is that it can be hard to find bras that fit perfectly and suit your shape. So, I’ve created some videos that address the most frequently asked questions--everything from figuring out your cup size to smoothing back fat. We hope you find them useful!

Why your bra straps slip

Why your bra straps slip.

Tightening the straps is not always the best way to keep them from slipping. Things like bra size and style can make all the difference, as you'll see in these video tips. See the "Stop Slipping Bra Straps" video here >
How Should My Center Panel Fit?

How Should My Center Panel Fit?

Did you ever notice how the center panel of your bra fits? Believe it or not, this affects fit, support and comfort. We've got helpful tips. See the "How Should My Center Panel Fit" video here >
Video: How do I minimize back fat

How do I minimize back fat?

We know how unsightly back fat lines can be--the ruination of a perfect outfit. We've got great tips for choosing bras and shapewear that will work magic on back fat. See the "Minimizing Back Fat" video here >
Video: What Is The Cup Size Game

What is the Cup Size Game - And How To Win.

Bra sizing can be confusing--the band size affects the cup size and vice versa. This video shows you all you need to know about changing bra sizes. See "The Cup Size Game" video here >
Video: What's Your Sister Bra Size?

What's Your "Sister" Bra Size?

Your "sister bras sizes" are the sizes that surround the size you're wearing. Useful to know if a bra doesn't fit the way you expect it to or if your breast size changes. See "Your Sister Size" video here >
Video: How To Put On a Bra

How to Put On A Bra.

Did you know there's a correct way to put on a bra? This video explains all, including how to make sure it's positioned correctly. See "How To Put On A Bra" video here >
Video: Plus Size Bra Fitting

Plus Size Bra Fitting & the UCS System.

Cup sizes can vary with brand and band size, which is especially confusing in larger cups sizes. This video explains our Universal Cup Sizing (UCS) to show you what size you should be wearing in different brands. See the "Plus Size Bra Fitting" video here >


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