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Tomima Talks: Front Closure vs Back Closure Bras

Hello there, Which team are you on? The front close with its relative ease, or the back close with its classic adjustability? Here are the pros and cons of these two bra closure options. Traditional Back Closure Bras This classic back closure style is the...

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Tomima Talks: New 2021 Swimsuit Trends

Hello there, I’m excited to report a sudden improvement in swimwear for this year. Manufacturers are back to receiving inventory from their factories again. This good news means we now have an increased selection for you to consider, along with some fun new trends for...

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Tomima Talks: Choosing Your Lingerie Color

Hello there, For many women, lingerie is thought to be utilitarian – practical, useful, necessary. That can include sleepwear as well. But they can be so much more if you’ll let them. Killer lingerie and sleepwear choices are those where you’ve taken into...

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Tomima Talks: Challenges with Uncommon Bra Sizes

Hello there, Here’s an interesting fact: HerRoom offers 520 unique bra sizes. As you might guess, the sales for these sizes fall pretty nicely into a bell curve, with the most common sizes from 32B to 42DDD(D3) being the summit. But there are many MANY bra sizes that...

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Tomima Talks: Picking a “No-Show” Bra

I’m in the “bra biz” so I'm sort of mortified when discovering my bra strap has crept out from under my sleeveless top or my center panel is not plungy enough so that someone taller than me can see it. Before launching HerRoom in March of 2000, I made a list of bra...

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Tomima Talks: The Posture Bra: You Should Own One

Before this Talk, I’d never worn a posture bra. But, now I have and I’m a big fan. My workday is mostly spent in a chair staring at computer screens. I have the “right” chair that’s adjusted “right” for my physique. I have my screens at the “right” height and my...

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Tomima Talks: 10 New Sports Bra Designs

There’s always a big jump in sports bra sales come January. And I’m sure it’s due to many of us making New Year’s resolutions to work out more. A nice surprise this year has been several new sports bra designs coming on the market. I reached out to all the design...

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Coming Soon…A HerRoom x Panache Exclusive Pattern

Announcing A HerRoom x Panache Exclusive Pattern The new HerRoom-exclusive Panache sports bra pattern is coming soon! We teamed up with Panache to bring you their bestselling sports bra style, the Panache Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra, in a new spring pattern...

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What To Wear On Game Day

This game isn’t just about playful sportsmanship with friends and witnessing athletic history being made – It’s also about the celebrations, the gatherings, and the food. Wear something that reflects your style, nods to the team you’re rooting for, and keeps you...

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New Year’s Lingerie Resolutions

With the holidays in the rear view and the new year coming up, many of us are thinking about the future. The start of a new year feels like a natural time to make important changes. If you're anything like me, you have mixed feelings about New Year's resolutions....

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Shapewear Q&A Part III: Solving Common Issues

Is shapewear already a part of your base layer wardrobe? If not, I highly recommend that you give it a try. Women of every shape and size can enjoy the silhouette-slimming and sculpting benefits of shaping garments on a daily basis and on special occasions. We all...

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Trend Alert: Swimwear in Summer Colors

At HerRoom, we’re in the summer colors mindset – which means we’re embracing the brights, the bolds, and the rich tones of the season’s swimwear. In the spirit of summer, I’ve pulled together a full color spectrum of swimwear to help you add some tropic wonder to your...

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