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Bra Straps Slipping? I Can Help.

There’s nothing more annoying than having your bra straps slipping off our shoulders all day. It’s like having an itch that keeps coming back or wearing pants that are too big, but alas, you have no belt. At first, it’s just a little annoying. But after hours of...

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Inside The Fitting Room™ Video Vault: Bra Fitting & Sizing

Finding the right bra fit and size can be difficult enough when you’re shopping in a store – so how can you possibly be expected to do it when you’re shopping online? Removing the professional bra fitter and the dressing room can make you feel like you’re guessing at...

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Three Tips for Better Sleep

We’ve all heard the general tips for getting better sleep: Keep a regular sleep schedule, don’t drink or eat anything too heavy right before bed, keep a clean bedroom, don’t drink caffeine or smoke before bed, take a warm bath or shower before bed if you can’t sleep,...

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Compression Clothing 101

Whether they’re going for a morning jog through the neighborhood or gearing up to compete in a triathlon, you have probably noticed that many athletes wear compression garments. These tight-fitting leggings, shorts, socks, tees, tanks, and other apparel are a popular...

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Coming Soon… A Panache x HerRoom Exclusive

Announcing a Panache x HerRoom exclusive! HerRoom has teamed up with Panache to create a brand new, exclusive pattern in one of Panache’s bestselling sports bra styles, the Panache Full-Busted Underwire Sports Bra 5021. About the Bra Panache Sport launched this style...

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Panty Style 101: Thongs

Let’s talk about thong panties. There are few undergarments that are more controversial among women than the thong panty. This is one of the skimpiest, most provocative panty styles out there. It’s also considered by many women to be one of the most uncomfortable...

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Top 7 Average Size Bras of 2018

Last week we discussed the Top 7 Full-Figured Bras of 2018, if you missed that post, please click here to read it. This week I'd like to focus on the Top 7 Average Size Bras of 2018. These are bras that are ideal for women with A, B, C, and D cup sizes. If your cup...

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Top 7 Full-Figure Bras of 2018

The end of the year and beginning of the new year is a favorite time for many women to update their lingerie wardrobes. Here at HerRoom, my team and I are committed to educating and empowering you to find the best bras for your body type. We've even created an array...

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Bra Shopping: Is It Better In-Store or Online?

Let’s face it – bra shopping is an inherently intimate experience. All women do it, and they have their own personal preferences about the when’s, the how’s, and the where’s to shop. They also tend to fall into one of two categories: they feel better shopping for...

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