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Juicy Couture


You can't see a woman in a velour or terrycloth tracksuit and not be envious she is not you walking down the street. She's a Juicy Couture lady. Juicy Couture might be known most for their comfortable, stylish tracksuits, but they offer many more powerful pieces for women. Juicy Couture brings bright, feminine and fun styles to women. The signature juicy crest along with large embellishments on their pieces of clothing define a “juicy” woman. Feeling juicy means stepping into a piece of clothing that makes you feel girly and alive. Juicy Couture shot to fashion fame in the 1990s when celebrities began wearing their velour tracksuits. Other women began to notice the relaxation and fashion the suits brought to them as well. The rest is Juicy Couture history.

It began as a brand only offered in upscale boutiques, but with its growth Juicy Couture is now available throughout North America in over 100 stores as well as has destinations in over 60 countries. Many celebrities, magazines and television shows portray the newest designs from the collection. Women everywhere enjoy the evolving styles of Juicy Couture that make them street-wear wear chic and sophisticated at the same time.


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