How To Put On A Bra - Practical Solutions to Bra Fit Problems by Tomima Edmark
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Bra Fitting: How To Put On A Bra

How To Put On A Bra

Did you know there is more than one way to put on a bra? Well there is. But, no matter how you get there, in the end, your breasts should be fully contained, and your bra band resting in its proper place.

Put your bra on

There are several ways to do this. You can put your bra on backwards, attach the clasp where you want it, then turn it around on your torso until the cups are in front and put your arms through the shoulder straps. You can also turn it on backwards and inside out, turn it around and flip it up and into place. Finally, you can put your arms through the shoulder straps, put your bra in place, then with your arms behind you fasten the back of your bra. All of these get you to the end result of having your bra “on.” But, you are not done. There is more to do.


Check your back

You need to run your finger along the inside of the back and make sure all the tags and bra ends are lying flat against your skin and not folded. Next, you need to check to make sure your bra back is pulled down and parallel with the floor, and if possible resting under your shoulder blades. If your back is not in it’s proper place, your fit will be compromised.


Bend forward and manipulate your breast tissue

No matter your cup size, you must make sure your breast tissue is sitting properly in the cups. For women who are C cup sizes and smaller, this can be as simple as bending forward, pulling your bra down towards the floor and “jiggling” it left to right so that your breasts fall into your cups with your nipples falling in the cup centers.

Women with larger breasts really need to "Stoop", “Swoop,” and “Scoop” while they are bent forward Here’s how that goes:

Stoop - or lean forward from the waist and let your breasts drop into the cups.

Swoop - With your right hand, cross your chest and bring the left breast tissue under your arms into the left bra cup. IF you have on an underwire bra, this tissue should be inside the underwire. Repeat the same on your opposite side.

Scoop - Again, with your opposite hand and bending forward, scoop your bottom breast tissue up and into the cup making sure there is no breast tissue below your underwire. With this final Scoop step, you should also make sure your nipples are centered in the cups. It’s not a bad idea to finish your swoop and scoop off with a bra jiggle too.


Stand up

Standing up straight, do a final check to make sure all your breast tissue is in the cups and your bra band is parallel with the floor. Larger cup-sized women could see a little “fluffing” along the top of the cups between the breasts after standing up. This can be quickly fixed by placing your two pointing fingers in the center corners of each cup and moving your fingers outwards. This puts that little bit of breast tissue back inside your cups.

And there you have it. You should be in your bra with your breasts sitting front and center in your cups. IF your bra does not stay put throughout your day and needs constant adjusting, you probably have the wrong bra size and/or wrong bra style for your body type. Want to know what bra styles are best for you? Take our "Know Your Breasts, Know Your Bra Test" and find out.


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