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What are Yoobies?  They're a collection of lingerie accessories designed to lift your breasts and create more cleavage. The crown jewel of the Yoobies line is its inflatable insert covered in cotton that comes in 3 sizes.  If you're looking for bra padding that's not too heavy,  Yoobies inserts are  comfortable and gives lift, and are your answer.

The whole Yoobies phenomenon started in 2000 when a mom and her three daughters decided that there was a real need for a lightweight, comfortable product that inserts into bras to lift the breasts and gives you more cleavage. One day the sisters were sitting on the lawn watching a clothesline of lingerie flapping in the wind.  Teasing each other about the size of their bras, they hit upon an idea for removable pads that could be inflated or deflated depending on a woman's needs. Most of the existing insertable pads were heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. The new invention needed to give lift in the areas needed and be light as air. In 2002, after developing the Yoobies inflatable inserts, the mom and her daughters got a patent from the U.S. Trademark and Patent office, with more patents to come. Funding for the product launch was provided by one of the daughter’s sorority sisters. This innovative family also wanted a bra that would allow them to enhance their unique body shapes, and developed the perfect bra with pockets for the Yoobies inserts  In 2010, Yoobies, Inc. was established, a company which was created by women for the good of women. Their love for adventure and challenges proved that women can have it all!

Depending on the look you want to achieve, Yoobies can be your secret weapons.  If you want more va-va-voom volume, you simply find  the button located on the outside edge of the pad and gently press it.  The Yoobies will inflate in just seconds.  To reduce their volume, press the same button while also gently squeezing your Yoobie until you have the desired volume. Yoobies come in sizes Small, Medium and Large to accommodate different bra sizes and pocket areas. Size Small is for bra sizes 32-36A, 32-34B, 32C. Measures 4-1/4" wide by 2" tall. Size Mediun is for bra sizes 32-38A, 32-26B, 32-34C, 32D. Measures 4-3/4" wide by 2-1/4" tall. Size Large is for bra sizes 38A, 36-38B, 36-38C, 32-38D. Measures 5" wide by 2-1/2" tall.

These inflatable inserts are perfect for women with one breast that is smaller than the other, because you can custom inflate the inserts as needed. They're a wonderful solution for women who are post-mastectomy.  And Yoobies are also a great solution if you want sexy volume and lift in your swimsuits.  Best of all, they'll float should one accidentally work its way out of your suit. Since they are almost as light as air, they will never weigh you down.

Viva la Yoobies! These little inflatable gems are a boon to any woman's arsenal of sexy lingerie accessories.