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Size: 36DDD

I bought this bra after reading the rave reviews, but was disappointed. The cups ride up so high (all the way up basically wrapping around my arms). It provided good support but it is definitely not comfortable. Maybe I've got the wrong size.

HerRoom Response: Yes, you have the wrong size - it sounds like your band size is too large. You may want to try a 34DDD.

Jennifer L from Singapore
  • Posted: September, 2005
rating Size: 38dd

I thought I had exhausted the search for the most perfect bra when I stumbled across this sight. EUREKA, I FOUND IT! I couldn't be happier with my purhases and this particular style is extra nice because it's seamless. I'm not a mutant or anything but I wasn't blessed with big beautiful big breasts, just plain ol' big regular gravity stricken not the best gene pool kind of breasts. This bra makes people think I come from good stock! Only wish it came in white instead of the nursing home beige. Not a sexy color BUT a delightful design. kathy from pennsylvania
  • Posted: August, 2005
rating Size: 36DD

This is the very best minimizer bra by far that I have come across. I feel like I am the "queen of minimizers". Everytime a new one comes out, I go try it. This one wins hands down!!!!! It is everything you want from the cup size reduction as well as projection, comfort, soft rounded shape and smooth cups. I find it is so supportive I have exercized in it instead of my sports bra. Karen from Bellaire, TX
  • Posted: July, 2005
Size: 32D

But I wear a 32D - will you make this bra in that size please!? I don't look odd shaped and people don't believe me that I cannot find my size in the stores. It's very frustrating! (HerRoom response: Wacoal does not make this bra in band size 32. We have passed your comment along to them.) Delora from Aurora, Nebraska
  • Posted: June, 2005
Size: 40DDD

This is the best bra I have ever worn. It is well worth every penny. I don't ever want to wear another style again. This gives me the support and form I love and need. Mary P. from TX
  • Posted: May, 2005
Size: 40D

This is the absolute best bra. I could tell an instant difference in support, no to mention all the comments on how much smaller I looked. Shirts even fit a little better. I will not wear anything else again. Well worth the money!!! Angie from Indiana
  • Posted: April, 2005
Size: 34DD

I odered bras ranging in price from $22 to $64 and this bra was the best by far. Finding a comfortable 34DD has been a challenge. I loved the fit of this bra so much that I just ordered more. It allows me to do various daily activities while maintaing support and comfort. This truly is the best bra I have ever worn. Angelek from APO, AE
  • Posted: April, 2005
Size: 36D

This is the best bra I've every worn! It gives THE best support, looks good under any shirt, and is very comfortable. I find that if I don't buy a minimizer, most bras make me look droopy and pointy. This bra is the best, whether you feel you need the minimizer aspect or not! Elaine from San Francisco, CA
  • Posted: February, 2005
Size: 32D

Please make this bra in 32D!!! Betsy from Essex, CT USA
  • Posted: February, 2005
Size: 34DDD

This is seriously the best bra I have ever owned. I am a 34DDD, and this is the only comfortable, supportive bra that I have ever owned. Not only does it fit perfectly, it gives me a nice shape under tighter-fitting clothes without the pointy-looking effect. I definitely plan on buying more of this is literally perfect. Jana from Madison, WI
  • Posted: December, 2004
Size: 34C

  • Posted: August, 2004
Size: 38DD

I have tried so many bras, but this is the best. Yes, its a little pricey but well worth it and its so comfortable and wears well. I also suggest getting one size bigger and hand wash to keep the bra longer, but this bra is a God send and I can't thank Her Room enough for carring it.THANKS!!!! Jerrie from Meeker Co.
  • Posted: July, 2004
Size: 34DD

I have never, EVER ordered a bra through the mail that fit, much less fit as well as this one. Being a petite person (5 ft.) and a DD has had many disadvantages throughout my life. I always felt out of proportion, top heavy and awkward. This bra is not only comfortable and very supportive but minimizes beautifully and makes me feel more in proportion for the first time in my life! Thank you Wacoal! I love this bra! Darla from Bellingham, WA
  • Posted: May, 2004
Size: 32DD

Please make this bra available in sizes 32D/DD.... I have bought 34DD out of desperation, but the fit is not right!!! Thanks!!!! Valerie from New York, NY
  • Posted: March, 2004
rating Size: 34DD

This is one of the most supportive, comfortable bras I've ever worn. It does run smaller in size, so I would suggest ordering a size up, but the cups are generous and provide full coverage. The straps don't slip and the back doesn't ride up or roll. But probably the best feature is the minimizing effect. I would be willing to bet that it minimizes a good two inches. Now, that means that when you first put it on, you notice a bit more spread to the sides, but it's worth it for the support. The embroidery work is a little cheesy, but it's not so prominent that it shows under clothes. I'm waiting to see how long it lasts... JJB from Eureka, CA
  • Posted: February, 2004
Size: 38DD

Support AND great shape, smooth under clothes, comfy. For 38 DD, this is unheard of! so happy I have found something that works!!! feel 100x better when I get dressed in the morning. Kristin from Minneapolis, MN
  • Posted: November, 2003
rating Size: 38DDD

This bra is THE most comfortable bra I have ever bought (and for an underwire, that's saying something)! I work in an ER and on an ambulance, and this bra stays in place no matter how active I am. The straps are super comfortable and don't dig into my shoulders; the support this bra provides makes me look more youthful. I highly recommend this bra--it's the nicest of all the Wacoal's I've purchased thusfar. Patty Loynd from Marblehead, MA
  • Posted: October, 2003
rating Size: 34DDD

I too was prepared to love this bra based on the fantastic reviews. I do like how I look in this bra, but I have to say that the sizing is quite different from the other Wacoal bras. These run smaller across the back than my other Wacoals. Overall, although I like the look, they are not the most comfortable. Debi from Phoenix, AZ
  • Posted: October, 2003
Size: 36D

I bought two of these bras expecting great things. They fit great in the dressing room and looked terrific under my T-shirt. I was very disappointed. Any kind of mild physical activity would cause the center panel to shift and my breasts would start to slip below the underwire. I would say it was a fit issue, but I tried the 32" and the 36" just to be sure. If you wear a D or DD this is not the bra for you! Marah Ellen from Jacsonville/ NC/Onslow
  • Posted: August, 2003
rating Size: 36DDD

I was so hopeful based on the other reviews, but also prepared to have to send them back. I put one on. Then I grabbed one of my new Tencel T-shirts that I haven't been able to wear yet this summer because the wires on my (former brand) bra poke up between like an old ladies bra. Then there was that having to adjust the strap buckle all the way up to the top of my sholder to get the fit. Not comfortable when using a shoulder bag, I am still too young (49) to have to settle for all that. Anyway, back to my first impression. Talking outloud to my self, "OMG!" & 'Sweet!!" I can't thank you enough. I have lost at least 10 years off my chest. Not only is the minimizing superb, the shaping is perfect. Oh, not to forget the original reason I took the plunge to invest in this garment.... yes, it is so comfortable I expect the scars under my arms (those old bones poking) to now start to fade. Cathleen from Mt Airy
  • Posted: July, 2003
Size: 36DDD

This bra is absolutely amazing! For a short-waisted person with a 36DDD bust, the coverage is not "up to my neck" like it can be in bras from other brands. AND, I get the " reduction on only 3 hooks in the back, vs 4-5 on competitors' bras. What a blessing this bra is! April Mae from Lewisville, NC USA
  • Posted: May, 2003
Size: 34DDD

I am extremely pleased with this bra. It's very comfortable, de-emphasizes, makes clothes fit better, washes beautifully, and I can't think of a reason to ever buy any other model bra again. Please, Wacoal, continue to be one of the few manufacturers to remember there are 32 and 34 DD and DDD women out here, and never stop making it! Johanna Grace from Walnut Creek, CA
  • Posted: May, 2003
Size: 36DDD

Purchased two new bras about one month ago,(very expensive purchase)disappointed the elastic in the back is not wide enough to smooth any rolls one may have. I was measured and I am between a 36DDD and a 38DDD. Very frustrating place to be. Rosemarie Welding from Wilmington DE
  • Posted: April, 2003
Size: 32DD

I wish Wacoal could offer this bra New Seamless Minimizer in 32 D, DD. Please do not forget us...even a local Wacoal Rep. was surprised when she realized this size range was not available. Please continue to be one of the ONLY manufacturers to remember ALL size women. Thanks Valerie M from Acton, MA
  • Posted: April, 2003
Size: 36D

iI can see my feet!!! Thank you , Wacoal! jennifer martino from fishkill, ny
  • Posted: March, 2003
Size: 36D

Recently I purchased a Wacoal minimizer bra. At first I thought the cost to be a little more than what I would normally pay for a bra, but after receiving my purchase promptly in the mail I was simply amazed by the comfort and fit and felt it was worth every last cent! In all my years of trying to purchase a bra that would meet these standards I thought it impossible and I would got to my grave without ever having a comfortable bra! It feels as if I am wearing nothing but the natural support! I am so pleased with this bra and I would encourage anyone with large breasts who don't see them as a fashion statement to get this bra. They will not be dissappointed! I love it! Thank you!!! francina g. still from cherry hill new jersey usa
  • Posted: January, 2003
Size: 36DDD

This bra is absolutely the best! I've been searching for years for a comfortable bra. Not only does this bra make me look better than ever, it also makes me feel like I'm not wearing one! I've tried many minimizers and none of them have made me look 10lbs lighter. I'm going to stick with this one!! shari whyard from aquebogue,ny
  • Posted: November, 2002
rating Size: 40DD

Wonderful bra! It makes you look so much better in clothes. Very comfortable and pretty too. An A+!! Noreen from Canada
  • Posted: October, 2002
rating Size: 38DD

I love the slimline, but it would be nice if it came in black. The only thing that stops me from ordering more, is the color. Black slimline would be nice.

HerRoom response: They must have heard you, it now comes in black!

Cavella from Cheverly, MD USA
  • Posted: July, 2002
rating Size: 36D

This bra definitely makes you look smaller with a more natural shape. It is also extremely comfortable and holds you in place for a longer period of time, eliminating the need for pulling and adjusting. I highly recommend it. I have been looking for a minimizer for at least a year and have finally found one that meets my requirements of natural shape, comfort and minimizing. Hellelujah. Sharon from Ann Arbor, MI
  • Posted: May, 2002
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