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Exclusive Underwearing

Ever wonder why some women (regardless of body-type) always look so "put-together?" It's often subtle, but the right lingerie can make a BIG difference. In this monthly series, we look at common bra fitting problems and the unique solutions for your unique figure. See what they're "Underwearing" in past and current editions below.

(Mar. '09) Current Edition:
Wedding Dresses:
You've selected the perfect wedding gown - now how about the perfect wedding lingerie? See what they're "Underwearing" with this year's wedding gowns.

  What's She Underwearing - Little Black Dress

(Feb.'09) Little Black Dress: Are you wearing the fab LBD this Vanlentine's Day? If so, here are some sexy lingerie suggestions for underneath. See what they're "Underwearing" with that Little Black Dress.

  What's She Underwearing - Sportswear

(Jan.'09) Sports & Activewear: Looking good during a workout is more than just what's on the outside. Comfort, and support are vital!

  What's She Underwearing - Knit Dresses

(Dec.'08) Knit Dresses: If you've stayed away from knits because of their form-fitting lines - fear not, we have the "Underwearing" solutions for knit dresses in your unique figure.

  What's She Underwearing - Party Dresses

(Nov. '08) Party Dresses: Choosing the right party dress is hard enough, but what works under that plunging neckline? Find the Underwearing solution for your special dress.