Underwearing - What Lingerie
Is Under That
Party Dress?

what's she underwearing?
Ever wonder why some women (regardless of body-type) always look so “put-together”? It’s often subtle, but the right lingerie can make a BIG difference. In this issue, we feature party dresses.

In this issue:
Party Dresses

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Average Figure

- Average - Turn ‘fine’ into ‘divine’.
The Problem:
While this looks pretty good, a little ‘lift’ would be even better. With such a low neckline, some cleavage is in order. And the back of the dress is also quite low—we don’t want straps or a bra back peeking out.

One piece can do it all! Roll over the ‘After” image to find out how.

Model stats:
Bra size: 34B
Height: 5'6"
What's An Average Figure Woman Underwearing?
The Solution!
With the dress’s low neckline, this Annette body suit is the perfect solution. The U-shaped plunge in the front lifts without showing and the back of the suit is low enough for the skimpiest of party dresses. Although the suit has many strap configurations, go strapless to insure a flawless look.

Petite Figure

- Little Bra, Big Help.
The Problem:
Low-cut party dresses are definitely not the place where ‘less is more.’ In the case of our petite model, more was in order. The bust could use some lift and a little more volume, without looking unnatural.

To see how a subtle change can make all the difference, roll over the “After’ picture. .

Model stats:
Bra size: 32A
Height: 5'2"
What's An Average Figure Woman Underwearing?
The Solution!
The Little Bra Company’s Bijou Contour Push-up bra does everything the name implies—and the cups are cut low enough for a dress like this. The Pure Style Girlfriends Bump-A-Cup Half Cup Bra Insert adds just enough cleavage. Paired with the matching Bijou Thong, this is a great "flirty" outfit.

Petite Plus Size

- The Right Pieces To Go Short & Sweet.
The Problem:
A plunging neckline can be a problem for larger breasts—how to find something that will lift and shape without showing. And typically, larger sizes need enough strap to offer support. The dress’s halter top rules that out too. And though a good style for our model, the silhouette could use some all-over smoothing.

Roll over the ‘After’ image to see how clever selections can make all the difference.

Model stats:
Bra size: 36D
Height: 5'0"
What's An Average Figure Woman Underwearing?
The Solution!
The QT Convertible bustier bra has a low center—perfect for the dress’s neckline. The seamless microfiber smoothes away midriff bulge too. Although this can be worn strapless, we used the clear convertible straps for more support.

Plus Size

- Clever Options For A Curvier You.
The Problem:
Even a full and swingy dress like this needs a smooth foundation, from bust to hem. For very large or augmented breasts, the challenge is to lift and still accommodate the low neckline. The Empire waist and swingy skirt tend to create a boxy shape in larger sizes. How to keep everything smooth and yet bring out the sexy curves?

Roll over the ‘after’ image to see an unexpected solution. .

Model stats:
Bra size: 40D
Height: 5'10"
What's An Average Figure Woman Underwearing?
The Solution!
Not finding a plus size bra that could accommodate the plunge center, halter straps and low back, we turned to an ingenious solution. Pure Style Girlfriends Breast Lift Tape can undo what gravity has done, up to 2” of lift and Dimrs NipStik Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers for modesty. We paired those with Sassybax bottom-lifting long leg panty, which smoothes out the midriff, shapes hips and perks up the bottom. Now when the dress swings, all that shows are curves