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Dreamgirl Sheer Thigh High 0007
$5.00 - $6.00
Dreamgirl 0007 reviews


Thigh highs are a great option when pantyhose would be too bulky or hot. Although often used interchangeably with 'stocking,' the term 'thigh highs' usually applies to stockings without garter attachments. They're held up with band around the top of the leg that is made of stretchy material backed by silicone gripping tape. Women who wear plus sizes have lots of options in thigh highs, from shimmery sheers to seamed stockings to fishnets and trendy fashion colors. Plus size thigh highs often have different sizing from brand to brand. Some brands use the designation 'Queen,' while others have numerical sizing. Be sure to check the size chart for thigh highs before ordering.