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Colorful pajamas with wild designs aren't just for little kids. Adults love to blanket themselves in a fresh, soft pair of pajamas on rainy days, to sleep or just to relax. The Cat's Pajamas is the adult's answer to finding that childhood feeling. With prints like cupcakes, sushi and puppy dogs, The Cat's Pajamas bring the fun of comfort and style to another level. Many of the pajamas are made of 100% cotton. The knit sleepwear is made from fine Peruvian cotton making it feel like silk. The Cat's Pajamas designers know sleepwear cannot just be filled with great styles and prints, but also must surround women in comfort.

The Cat's Pajamas was started by college friends Lynn Deregowski and Jenny Maxwell. They shared a love of pajamas that they would soon share with the world. In 1998 The Cat's Pajamas was born in San Francisco, California. The young women wanted to design pajamas that were both comfy and cute. The name came from the 1920s slang phrase meaning “the best of the best, signifying excellence above all others.” In order to keep the inspiration of the youthful patterns, the offices are filled with animals roaming through the offices and the stereo blasting retro songs.

The Cat's Pajamas designs have been featured on many television shows, movies and in magazines such as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Will & Grace,” “30 Rock” and “Entertainment Tonight.” Women of all ages love the unique designs. The Cat's Pajamas are offered in short sleeve and long sleeve tops with pants as well as sleep shirts. Some of them even come with a matching eye mask! The soft, cozy pajama sets are designed to keep you warm in the winter, yet light enough to be worn in the summer. Curling up in poplin or silky cotton adorned with enthusiastic prints will help you rest easy throughout the night.

Customers love the look and feel of the pajamas. One woman said, “I got my yummy sushi pajamas in the mail today and they rock! They are SO soft. I just love them!” Women say one of the best things about The Cat's Pajamas is the wide selection of designs. If you don't like sushi, why not choose a design of bumblebees or kitty cats?

The Cat's Pajamas lives up to their name in the animal world as well. They work with rescue dogs and other rescue organizations to help animals find homes.

The Cat's Pajamas give women a choice when it comes to finding the pajama that fits their mood, or even when they need a lift in their mood. They brighten the day of all who wear them as well as blanket in comfort. The feeling of childhood should only be a drawer away. The Cat's Pajamas gives women the same feeling as a child on a Saturday morning rushing to watch cartoons in their full of life pajamas.